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Trump loves Hispanics: And taco bowls

No doubt you saw the dumbass tweet from Donald Trump about taco bowls and his love for Hispanics. You missed it? You’re so lucky.

So, there you go. Incidentally, a sharp-eyed blogger picked up on a nuance in the photo, wherein the magazine beneath the taco bowl is open to a page in a magazine with a photo spread of his ex-wife, Marla Maples, in a bikini.

From that bit of weirdness back to the other weird issue at hand. OK, so Trump likes taco bowls, and loves Hispanics.

Is there any more awkward way to say … anything … than that?

“I love Hispanics.” Great. What’s next from this guy?

“The best fried chicken is made at Trump Tower Grill. I love blacks!”

“The best floral arrangements are done at the Trump Tower Flower Shop. I love queers!”

“The best pickles and ice cream come from the Trump Tower Commissary. She’s bleeding from her wherever.”

Seriously, you almost want to feel sorry for the guy. He has no idea how drunk uncle he comes across to those of us who aren’t ourselves drunk uncles, i.e. the 40 percent of the 40 percent of the population that made him the GOP nominee.

He actually thinks that tweeting out under a Cinco de Mayo hashtag about how much he likes his Trump Tower Grill taco bowls and loves Hispanics can erase everything else he has had to say about … everything.

Somebody’s momma shoulda told him no, even just once, and we all wouldn’t be where we are right now.

Column by Chris Graham



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