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In first year, Trump compiles strikingly anti-LGBT record of executive branch actions

The Fenway Institute of Fenway Health released a policy brief demonstrating that in his first year in office, President Donald Trump has compiled a strikingly anti-LGBT record.

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Republican Party playing dumb politics with Trump #FakeNewsAwards

Donald Trump efforting to divert attention away from the Russia collusion investigation and his utter lack of any manner of policy success is not at all a surprise.

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Poll: Voters think Trump should resign over sexual harassment allegations

New numbers from Public Policy Polling find a majority of Americans thinking Donald Trump should resign as president because of allegations of sexual harassment lodged against him.

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Poll: Trump unpopular in Virginia

President Donald Trump is well under water among Virginia voters, according to new poll results released by the University of Mary Washington.

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Lisa Rosenberg: Militarizing police under a cloak of secrecy

President Trump issued an executive order that strips away limits on weapons of war that the DOD can hand over to state and local police forces.

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Virginia Tech expert: Alternative facts, fake news, xenophobia and confirmation bias

President Donald Trump is a “master” at confirmation bias – a phenomenon hardwired into the human brain.

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Pardon me? No question that’s what Donald Trump needs to do

Donald Trump granting himself an unconditional pardon is unmitigated genius.

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Virginia Tech expert projects a soft tone from Trump-Putin summit

President Trump seems to be ready to soften discussions of Russian meddling into the U.S. elections, according to a Virginia Tech expert.

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Suffolk University/USA Today poll shows Trump approval dipping

Voters are souring on President Donald Trump and the GOP, according to a Suffolk University/USA Today national poll of registered voters.


AFBF president gives proposed agriculture budget an ‘F’

The president of the country’s largest agricultural advocacy group said the proposed budget President Trump sent to Congress fails farmers.

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Trump administration using campaign of disinformation, secrecy to target immigrants

The Trump administration has yet to break ground for its promised border wall to keep the undocumented out of the United States.

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Putin’s epic Trump troll

How about that epic troll today? Gotta give it to that Vladimir Putin. Dude has President Trump over a barrel. Again.

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Giving Trump the benefit of the doubt on Comey

Playing devil’s advocate, is it possible that President Trump didn’t just clumsily admit to something in his move to fire FBI Director James Comey?

Ceaser to speak at W&L on the first 100 days of the Trump presidency

James W. Ceaser will speak at W&L on “The First 100 Days: Reflections on the Trump Presidency.” His talk is free and open to the public.

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Warner: Trump should reach out to Democrats

When Mark Warner wanted to get deals done as governor of Virginia, the Democrat reached out to Republicans.

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Syria missile attack: Is this whole thing a work?

In case you hadn’t made the connection that the Syria airstrikes mean the Trump team isn’t in league with Russia, Eric Trump laid it all out.

tim kaine

Kaine: Trump must seek approval from Congress for use of military force

Today on NBC’s Meet the Press, Tim Kaine questioned the legality of President Trump’s use of military force in Syria without congressional approval.

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Andy Schmookler: When you’re a star, you can do anything

We should have known what we were getting when we heard Donald Trump declare: “When you’re a star, you can do anything.”

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Trump order on climate change rollback: Reckless folly?

Today, President Trump signed an executive order rolling back climate progress.

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Suffolk Univ./USA Today Poll: Voters say Trump shows leadership, not sure of direction

Voters say President Donald Trump has shown leadership in his first 40 days in office.

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Poll: Is Trump watching too much cable news?

President Donald Trump famously watches a lot of cable news. Americans seem to think he doth watch too much, according to a new poll.

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Virginia Organizing to Bob Goodlatte: Protect healthcare

The Harrisonburg chapter of Virginia Organizing is calling on Congressman Bob Goodlatte to protect healthcare coverage.

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Uncertainty clouds future of U.S.-Russia relations following Flynn departure

The resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn leaves many wondering what the future holds for U.S.-Russia relations.

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Court: Trump order likely unconstitutional, issues prelim injunction

A federal judge found that President Donald Trump’s Jan. 27 Executive Order is actually the Muslim ban that he promised as a candidate.

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Poll: Americans now evenly divided on Trump impeachment

The Internet just about broke down two weeks ago when we reported that a third of Americans backed the impeachment of President Trump.

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Poll: Support for Trump impeachment ratchets up

A week ago, 35 percent of Americans wanted to impeach President Trump. A new poll has a higher number backing impeachment.

bob goodlatte

Goodlatte, staff under fire for work on Trump immigration executive order

Remember when Bob Goodlatte was concerned about executive overreach and the separation of powers? That was so Obama era.

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Sam Ben-Meir: President Trump’s moral harm

During President Trump’s first full week in office he has begun to dismantle America’s moral standing on the international stage.

bob goodlatte

Goodlatte defends staff work on Trump immigration order

Bob Goodlatte has come under fire amid reports that members of his staff worked on the president’s executive order on immigration.

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Donald Trump: Wrestling heel, babyface, anti-hero?

That Donald Trump is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame has been well-documented by political commentators.