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Your favorite social media platform: Still Facebook?


facebook_logoFacebook has its critics: individuals who chafe at the myriad changes in privacy settings, business owners who spent big bucks building like bases that they now have to spend more to be able to connect with.

But it’s still the most favorably viewed social media platform out there, according to a recent survey from Public Policy Polling.

Not that the folks at Facebook should be jumping up and down happy about the poll numbers. It’s sort of by default that Facebook is #1 on the list

While 44 percent of those surveyed give Facebook a positive rating, 35 percent give the platform a negative rating.

Facebook is the only social media app that gets a net favorability rating. Twitter gets a favorable rating from 31 percent, but with its 39 percent negative rating ends with a net -8 rating overall.

Instagram is nearly a net neutral, with 28 percent giving it a favorable rating and 29 percent going negative.

Meerkat actually breaks even, but only 16 percent know enough about Meerkat to even offer an opinion – with 8 percent favorable and 8 percent unfavorable.

Snapchat is at net -16, with 19 percent offering a favorable view and 35 percent giving an unfavorable view.

Not sure what the bigger news is with regard to MySpace, that it still exists, or that it has a -37 net rating – 11 percent favorable, 48 percent unfavorable.

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– Column by Chris Graham



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