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Therese Rodammer: Why I’m voting for Lorie Smith


Arriving in Waynesboro for the first time in the 1990s, I was fortunate to meet Lorie M. Smith in Waynesboro Junior Woman’s Club, an energetic and enthusiastic leader. From the moment I first met her, it was clear that she was eager to serve not only our club but also the community with all she had to offer.  As a teacher myself, I am proud to recognize her dedication to education.

However, her own record serves as a better testimony to her than I could ever give.  Following her time in Junior Woman’s Club, she served on Waynesboro’s School board from 2002-2006. Afterwards, she progressed to City Council from 2006-2010. As such, she is in the perfect position to serve as City Councilperson, as she is able to see situations not only from the fiscal perspective, but also from the educational perspective.  Her expertise is needed now more than ever.

Waynesboro School Board and the Waynesboro City Council have been unable to effectively communicate according to The Staunton News Leader. On March 14th, 2012, The Staunton News Leader stated in an opinion article that, “The problem is – and it’s a big one – residents have elected a school board to make decisions regarding public schools, even if the governing body holds the purse strings.”

As a past member of the Waynesboro School Board and City Council, Lorie Smith will “call on the Waynesboro City Council to open its doors and invite the school board to the table,” reuniting the two bodies.  I believe we need Lorie Smith as City Councilperson to accomplish this task.

Letter from Therese Rodammer, Waynesboro



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