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Meatball’s back: Pray for Short Sleeve Sampson


meatballMicro Championship Wrestling champion Meatball has a request for Top Rope Pro Wrestling fans. Pray for Short Sleeve Sampson.

“That guy will never be the same after our match at Chaos,” said Meatball, who is defending his MCW title against Sampson at the Jan. 5 New Year’s Chaos.

His “pray for Short Sleeve Sampson” message harkens back to the ad campaign that HBO used to market Mike Tyson’s first comeback. The one-time baddest man on the planet was returning to the ring to face a top contender to the heavyweight title, a guy by the name Alex Stewart, but the TV ads gave poor Alex Stewart no chance against “Iron Mike,” to the point of advising fans to “pray for Alex Stewart.”

Meatball likens Sampson’s chances at New Year’s Chaos to those of Alex Stewart on his way to what became a first-round TKO at the hands of Tyson.

“This guy has been following me around like a puppy dog trying to get himself another title shot. How many times do I have to beat him senseless before he gets the message? I promise, this will be the last time,” said Meatball, the self-styled Andre the Giant of midget wrestling, tipping the scales just shy of 300 pounds.

Sampson, for his part, is well aware that the match at Chaos could be a “career-ending match.”

“All it’s going to take is one thing to go wrong, for Meatball to land one of ihs signature moves, and, I mean, this could possibly end my career,” Sampson said.

The loss to Mike Tyson didn’t necessarily end Alex Stewart’s career, but he was never the same after the fight. He entered the match with Tyson with a 26-1 record and buzz about being a future world champion, but after the knockout loss he was relegated to the undercard and finished his career with a 43-10 record

“This guy, Sampson, better read up on his history. Because he’s about to repeat it,” Meatball said.

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