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Trump rally loyalty oath is different from Virginia primary pledge … how?


donald trumpThe Donald Trump presidential campaign blocked people with tickets to a free rally in Vermont on Thursday who wouldn’t pledge their support for the billionaire.

And this is distinct from the pledge that the Republican Party of Virginia is requiring those who want to vote in the March 1 presidential primary in the Commonwealth.

Got it? Not the same. Not at all.

“I’m taking care of my people, not people who don’t want to vote for me or are undecided,” Trump said in a statement. “They are loyal to me and I am loyal to them.”

Aha. And the Virginia GOP is taking care of its people with its required voter pledge.

Odd that Trump would raise issue with the party wanting to limit its nominating primary to Republicans. You know, not those who don’t want to vote for Republicans other Trump, should he not get the nomination, or are undecided.

Those, um, who are loyal to the GOP.

This is, again, where the guy gets credit. It doesn’t matter that he talks out of all sides of his mouth, that very little of it adds up or makes any sense when considered as part of a whole.

Trump’s game is about getting attention.

And on the great scorecard in the sky, he just got some more here,

– Story by Chris Graham



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