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Next WWE star on his way out: Alberto Del Rio?


del rioIf you buy that CM Punk has really left WWE, then the word that Alberto Del Rio might be next to leave when his contract expires could make sense.

PWInsider is reporting that there is concern in the WWE locker room that Del Rio is not going to re-up when his contract expires. Which makes sense, since Del Rio has gone from being a top-card superstar to a mid-card also-ran in recent months.

Del Rio, who turns 37 in May, has starred in Mexico and Japan, and may want to return to his native Mexico on a limited schedule.

The loss would have an impact on the roster. Del Rio is one of the better in-ring tacticians in WWE. His star began to fade after an ill-fated effort by creative to turn him face last year. The face Del Rio never caught on with fans, and his character has wavered back and forth between face and heel sense with no apparent direction.



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