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NeuroRestorative Virginia gets new flag from solar company


flagA Shenandoah Valley-based zero-emission portable generator manufacturer recently donated a brand new flag to NeuroRestorative Virginia at Breezy Hill “just in time for Flag Day,” according to Scott French, one of SUNRNR’s principals.

The gift signifies SUNRNR’s commitment to strong local partnerships in the Shenandoah Valley and the company’s support of rehabilitative and community-based programs. SUNRNR has partnered with the Breezy Hill facility of NeuroRestorative, a community-based program for people with brain injury and treatment of post-acute neurological trauma since 2011. Participants have worked for SUNRNR each week, assembling the parts and inner workings of the generators that are then shipped to locations all over the world, providing energy sources in remote areas in places as far away as africa and Japan.

The SUNRNR products are entirely assembled in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley with chassis made in page county and with over 75% American-made parts. The generators work by storing energy collected by solar panels or wind turbines to produce electricity that can run lights, fans, computers, water pumps and other devices in an environmentally-friendly way.

“The relationship that we have with SUNRNR is one that we are proud of,” says Douglas Desper, a ProgramManager for NeuroRestorative.  “Vocational activities are an important part of the rehabilitative process and allow participants to work towards their next level of independence. The fact that our participants canbenefit therapeutically, as well as feel good about being part of something that is environmentally-conscious, is a win-win situation.”

More information about SUNRNR can be found at or by contacting Jenny French at [email protected], or Scott French at [email protected]540.271.3403.




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