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Can UVA football get back to six (or beyond)?

Scanning the ‘Net the past couple of days, I’m seeing some surprising love for UVA football heading into the 2018 season, in terms of expectations, which haven’t been there for how long now?

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Chris Graham talks NBA Finals, Trump-Eagles, Kyler Murray: Podcast

Chris Graham goes solo on today’s podcast talking sports, including looks at the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup and President Trump picking another fight with the NFL.

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My (latest) thoughts on the Sixth District Democratic Party congressional race

I’ve been asked, since serving as moderator for a Sixth District Democratic Party primary debate in Staunton over the weekend, which way I’m leaning among the four candidates, if I’m leaning in any direction at all.

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Trump throws party, and nobody is coming

The Philadelphia Eagles weren’t going to the White House anyway, not that any of us would have noticed, had President Trump not brought it to our attention.

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I missed Pete Gillen: I really did

I didn’t realize until today how much I had missed former UVA basketball coach Pete Gillen. Not for what he did for UVA basketball, mind you. God love Pete, it was his turn, and he did his best, taking the ‘Hoos to one NCAA Tournament appearance, in 2001, losing in the first round to Gonzaga.


Chris Graham, Rod Mullins talk NASCAR, NHRA

Chris Graham welcomes Rod Mullins to the podcast for their weekly breakdown of the latest from the world of auto racing, focusing this week on NASCAR and NHRA action.

chris graham ncaa

NBA Finals Game 1 review, then we Rock the Red: Podcast

Chris Graham and Seth Megginson get together for today’s podcast. The focus at the outset is on making sense of that memorable, for reasons good and bad, Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Then the attention turns to Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals, as the Washington Capitals look to break the 1-1 series tie with Vegas.

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Ben Smiley breaks UVA football fans’ hearts

Some in the UVA football fan base are looking at the Ben Smiley verbal commitment saga along the lines of the Ronald Curry betrayal.

UVA basketball

Another look at UVA basketball heading into the summer

It appears that the market for grad transfers might be winding down, and that UVA coach Tony Bennett must not have seen anything out there that he thought could help his team heading into next year.

NBA Finals Preview: Podcast

Chris Graham offers a breakdown of the 2018 NBA Finals matchup pitting the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors.

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Can Democrats be competitive in the Sixth District?

I once sat down with an ad hoc group that aimed to recruit candidates to run for the House of Delegates. My role, as a former candidate and local political party chair, was to basically talk you out of wanting to run.


Senate finally moves forward with Medicaid expansion

The Senate of Virginia finally listened to the people of Virginia, voting 23-17 on Wednesday to pass a two-year state budget that includes funding for Medicaid expansion that will cover 400,000 low-income residents.

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Podcast: Chris Graham, Scott German talk UVA sports, O’s-Nats

Chris Graham and Scott German get together for their weekly talk about UVA sports, while working in a look at the Baltimore Orioles-Washington Nationals interleague series.


Roseanne rages on race: So do I, on Duke basketball

I totally get Roseanne Barr defending her racist tweets by blaming them on Ambien. Medication can indeed cause rage-tweets, which I think we all already know. Me, for example, I get all hopped up on Fireball, and I start going off on Duke basketball, even when it’s not basketball season.


Chris Graham, Rod Mullins talk NASCAR, Indy 500: Podcast

Chris Graham welcomes Rod Mullins to the podcast to talk through the busy Memorial Day auto racing weekend.

Golden State, Cleveland go at it one last time

You have to get the feeling this will be the last time Golden State and Cleveland will face off for the NBA title. Honestly, it’s almost as if the only reason either is in the NBA Finals for the fourth straight year is institutional memory.

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Why you’d have to stand for the anthem if your boss told you to

You’ve got the perfect retort for your lib friends who say the NFL anthem nonsense is about the right to protest. If I protest at work, my boss has every right to fire me. The NFL is a business. Why shouldn’t the owners have the right to fire players who refuse to stand for the anthem?

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Political fallout from Politico report on Tom Garrett office dysfunction?

Fifth District Congressman Tom Garrett was reportedly considering dropping out of a possible re-election race, only to declare a day later in a rambling press conference that “too darn much is at stake” as he affirmed his commitment to run in November.

chris graham scott german podcast

Chris Graham, Scott German talk NCAA Tournament field expansion, MLB realignment

Chris Graham and Scott German solve the problems facing sports in today’s podcast, starting with a proposal from the ACC to expand the NCAA Tournament basketball field, and including a look at the DH and realignment in MLB. That, plus what ails UVA baseball, and the latest additions to the UVA football coaching staff.

Luke Maye

Luke Maye returning to UNC for senior season: Surprising?

Luke Maye confirmed Thursday that he will be withdrawing from the NBA Draft pool to return to North Carolina for his senior season.

national anthem

Respect during the national anthem: Sure, right

NFL owners and the POTUS would have you believe the entirety of the rest of America, aside from a handful of kneeling SJWs, shows proper deference for the national anthem.

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Podcast: The NFL-anthem controversy, The Caps, VMI and UVA baseball, more

Chris Graham talks the NFL continuing to fan the flames with more in the way of edicts on the flag and the anthem, then switches gears for a thought exercise on the Washington Capitals, and how tonight’s Game 7 can play with the D.C. sports fan base.

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The NFL seems fixed on keeping the anthem controversy alive: Why?

It’s almost as if the NFL is inviting the negative attention over the national anthem, doesn’t it? There’s no way the league and team owners are just this bad at tamping down a controversy.


Chris Graham, Rod Mullins talk NASCAR, short tracks, Twitter rants, more

Chris Graham and Rod Mullins review the NASCAR All-Star Race from this past weekend, look ahead to this weekend’s Coca-Cola 600, plus Kyle Busch’s Twitter tirade, and the Short Track U.S. Nationals at Bristol.

donald trump

Truth, be damned: More Trump!

Nice work by Rudy Giuliani, getting the New York Times to help him put pressure on the Mueller investigation, by pulling a fake timeline out of his arse and making it official, on A-1, above the fold.