Virginia Democrats question Cuccinelli’s motives in UVa. case

Party releases video on education issue

Edited by Chris Graham

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has “done serious harm to the integrity of our system of higher education,” Democratic Party of Virginia Chairman Richard Cranwell said Friday, with his request for information relating to research conducted by former UVa. professor Michael Mann, a noted climate researcher.

The University of Virginia filed a brief in an Albemarle County court this week asking a circuit court judge to set aside Cuccinelli’s request for information related to his investigation of whether Mann committed “fraud” in his use of grant money for research on climate change.

The University’s brief states that Cuccinelli’s investigation “threatens bedrock principles of limited government and academic freedom upon which this nation has rested for more than two centuries.” The University further argues that this investigation will “infringe academic freedom and chill scientific debate.”

“I am grateful that the leadership of the University of Virginia has decided to take a strong stand against the civil investigative demands issued by the attorney general’s office,” Cranwell said. “All citizens of the Commonwealth who believe in the importance of free thought stand with UVA, its faculty, students and administrators as they defend their rights.”

Based on these new developments, the Democratic Party of Virginia has released the following video:

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