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Free Nelson highlights Dominion donation to Democratic Party

The anti-pipeline group Free Nelson is highlighting a $100,000 political contribution from Dominion to the Democratic Party of Virginia.


Settlement will fix issues with long wait times at Virginia polling places

the Democratic Party of Virginia announced a settlement with the State Board of Elections to remedy Virginia’s problem with long wait times to vote.

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Virginia Democrats announce $4.9 million raised in third quarter of 2015

The Democratic Party of Virginia and Common Good VA PAC will report tomorrow a combined $4.9 million raised in the third quarter of 2015 for the November elections.

Virginia Democrats announce new staff hires to expand communications, targeting infrastructure

Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker today announced the addition of two new staffers to the DPVA team.

Democratic Party of Virginia formally approves 2016 Delegate Selection Plan

The Steering Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia has formally approved the 2016 Delegate Selection Plan. This plan outlines the process to be used by the Democratic Party of Virginia in selecting delegates for the National Convention, scheduled to take place in Philadelphia on July 25–28, 2016.

Richmond Democratic Del. Joe Morrissey resigns, will run in special election

Embattled Richmond Democratic Del. Joe Morrissey finally heeded calls from fellow lawmakers to resign after entering an Alford plea on charges that he engaged in an inappropriate sexual relationship with an underage staffer, formally stepping down on Thursday.

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Statement from Virginia Democrats on Governor McAuliffe’s budget plan

Statement from Morgan Finkelstein, press secretary for the Democratic Party of Virginia on the budget proposal from Governor Terry McAuliffe.

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Winners and Losers Special Edition: Toocloseforcomfort U.S. Senate race

WINNER: Ed Gillespie OK, he lost, sure. But we expected him to lose. Just not by 18,000 votes. (Maybe 18 points, but not 18,000 votes.) Now Gillespie is the odds-on favorite to be the Republican nominee for governor in 2017.

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Will GOP leaders embrace fair redistricting?

Tuesday’s historic decision by a federal judge in the Eastern District of Virginia has paved the way for new congressional districts that better reflect Virginia’s unique demographics. The question being asked by Virginia Democrats: will Republican leaders who pushed the redistricting ultimately shot down by the federal judge support a new, fair approach to redistricting?

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Is Dave Brat suddenly afraid to debate?

Dave Brat was frustrated when powerful House Republican leader Eric Cantor seemed to be avoiding his requests for a debate during their congressional nomination race.


Virginia Democrats comment on Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage

The Supreme Court today denied a writ of certiorati in the case that overturned Virginia’s ban on gay marriages, making marriage equality finally legal for all Virginians.

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Democrats decry do-nothing GOP after Medicaid special session

Virginia Democrats blasted House Republicans after an uneventful special session of the Virginia General Assembly came and went on Thursday without any action on Medicaid reform.

Will Speaker Howell support his own party’s healthcare bill?

If House Republicans were serious about using this special session to close the healthcare coverage gap, you think they’d be wiling to at least consider a bill coming from their own party.

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Hand in the cookie jar? Democrats raise issue with Terry Kilgore, tobacco commission

Yesterday marked yet another episode in the shady saga of Terry Kilgore as he continues to use his official Tobacco Commission chairmanship to benefit his family members.

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Democratic Party chair statement on Bob McDonnell verdict

Today, after a nearly month-long trial, a jury found former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell guilty on all 11 charges filed against him. His wife, Maureen, was also found guilty on nine of those same 11 charges.


Del. Rosalyn Dance unofficial winner in State Senate primary

The Democratic Party of Virginia held an unassembled caucus today to determine its candidate for the special State Senate election to be held on November 4, 2014 to fill the remaining term of former Senator Henry Marsh.

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Democrats raise issue with anti-Muslim statement from Virginia Republican Party official

Virginia Democrats are calling on Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie to condemn a Facebook post from Republican Party of Virginia treasurer Bob FitzSimmonds suggesting that Muslims have contributed nothing to the American social fabric.

Dems: Learn about Enron Ed

During Saturday’s debate, lobbyist Ed Gillespie will attempt to recast himself as a “small businessman.” Don’t be fooled. He conveniently leaves out that he spent most of his career as a multi-million dollar Washington lobbyist for companies like Enron.

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Medicaid fight: Republicans, Democrats fight with your money

Last month, Democratic Attorney General hired constitutional law expert A.E. Dick Howard to advise his office on the pending battle over Medicaid expansion being waged in Richmond.

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Democrats decry Virginia House GOP dirty tricks

Virginia Democrats are raising issue with the dirty tricks that they say House Republicans are using to make sure that 400,000 Virginians are denied their healthcare.

Democratic Party response to Ed Gillespie economic plan

Today, Ed Gillespie released a five-point “plan” for economic growth that can be summed-up like this: 1) Ed would like to continue Sen. Warner’s work in the Senate and 2) Ed is willing to flip-flop on policies he previously supported in order to get the Tea Party Republican nomination.

Democrats tar Ed Gillespie as Obenshain clone, but is that good idea?

Virginia Democrats highlighted a comment from Mark Obenshain in which the 2013 Republican attorney general nominee said he and Ed Gillespie, a candidate for the GOP Senate nomination, share the same values.

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Democrats: Del. Bell chooses Tea Party ideology over calls from Virginia constituents

Last night in Waynesboro, Republican Delegate Dickie Bell held a town hall with Koch Brother funded Americans for Prosperity.

Ed Gillespie: His ObamaCare problem

Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie wrote in his 2006 memoir in support of a federal healthcare mandate, and worked as a lobbyist for a firm that was advocating market-based reforms of the nation’s healthcare system.

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Virginia Democrats: Republicans have no excuses left

Today, after Gov. Terry McAuliffe proposed his biennial budget that used $225 million of savings from accepting federal funds to close the coverage gap to provide a 2% pay increase for state employees, investments in the Virginia Retirement System, and Line of Duty funding, House Republicans can’t even get their ducks in a row to pass a joint resolution to move forward with the budget.

Democratic Party unveils new website: Gillespiecare

The Democratic Party of Virginia is launching a new website laying out Ed Gillespie’s ever-changing stance on health reform’s individual mandate.

Video: Dems say ‘nothing’s changed’ with Ed Gillespie

On Thursday, Ed Gillespie appeared on the CPAC panel title “Reaching Out: The Rest of the Story.” The panelists were supposed to focus on how the GOP can better appeal to minority voters. However, the largely empty room heard the same divisive, tone-deaf rhetoric that Virginians heard during the 2013 election.

Video: Democrats on the attack against Ed Gillespie

The Democratic Party of Virginia released a new web video today, “What Virginia Women Want,” highlighting Ed Gillespie and the Virginia GOP’s inability to have a conversation with Virginia women without offending them.


Virginia Democrats react to same sex marriage ruling

Top Virginia Democrats are responding with expected euphoria to Thursday’s federal court ruling overturning the Commonwealth’s ban on same sex marriage.

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House Democrats on Mark Herring’s decision to not defend marriage ban

The House Democratic Caucus released the following statement on Attorney General Mark Herring’s decision to challenge Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Sam Rasoul wins election in 11th House District in Roanoke

Democrat Sam Rasoul easily won the special election in the 11th House District representing Roanoke held on Tuesday, gaining more than 70 percent of the vote to defeat Republican Octavia Johnson.

New Dem TV ad: Cuccinelli ‘happy’ with Tea Party government shutdown

Polls show Virginia voters didn’t like the 16-day federal government shutdown, and that the bulk of those voters blame Republicans for the shutdown. A new Democratic Party of Virginia TV ad, “Happy With It,” will remind voters on Election Day that Republican governor nominee Ken Cuccinelli was, well, happy with it.

New TV ad hits Cuccinelli in the Santorum

A new Democratic Party of Virginia TV ad plays up former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum’s extreme views on the eve of the one-time GOP presidential contender’s visit to Virginia to campaign for Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli.

New DPVA web ad: ‘No, No, No, Sorry’

The Democratic Party of Virginia released a new web ad on the State Investigation into Ken Cuccinelli’s office’s role helping out-of-state gas companies in a lawsuit against Virginia taxpayers.

Charniele Herring: Arming teachers ‘the wrong approach’

Democratic Party of Virginia Chair Charniele Herring released the following statement on Friday responding to increasing rhetoric from Governor Bob McDonnell, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Virginia Republicans suggesting arming Virginia teachers to keep schools safe:

Dems urge McDonnell to come back to reality on economic recovery

The Democratic Party of Virginia today urged Bob McDonnell to focus on his job as governor and less on making tortured and patently absurd efforts to explain the nationwide economic recovery as anything other than a reflection on President Barack Obama’s strong leadership. On Sunday Bob McDonnell went on CNN’s State of the Union and […]

Brian Moran: A view of Virginia’s future

As Virginians prepare for a 2011 campaign in which every state legislator is up for election, many are probably wondering what the real differences are between the two parties competing for their votes. Fortunately, state government provides a clear contrast between the divergent priorities of Democrats and Republicans in the commonwealth. Democrats believe that making […]

Moran named DPVA chair

Brian Moran will succeed Dick Cranwell as chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia. Moran, a former state delegate and 2009 Democratic Party gubernatorial-nomination candidate, bested former Arlington County Democratic chair Peter Rousselot in voting by the party’s State Central Committee. “I want to thank Peter Rousselot for running a great campaign and raising a […]

Peter Rousselot: The support is there

On Thursday, Nov. 4, I announced my candidacy for DPVA Chair. The response to my announcement has been overwhelming! Grassroots Democratic leaders from all over Virginia have sent strong testimonials supporting my candidacy. Mike Lieberman, the current chair of the Arlington Democratic Committee, said, “Peter was the gold standard for local party chairs when he […]

Moran pushes bid to become party chair

Former state delegate and 2009 gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran is pushing a bid to become the chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia. In an e-mail sent out by Moran Monday morning, Moran said he is “ready to take on the challenge” of leading the state party, which is in freefall since winning control of […]

Cranwell to step down as chair of state party

Democratic Party of Virginia chairman Dick Cranwell announced Tuesday that he will retire from the position in December. “After 39 years in public life as a member of the House of Delegates and as Chair of the DPVA, and after much reflection and discussion with my family, I have decided that 2010 will be my […]

WhenVirginiaWasBlue.com: Dems-Virginia taxpayers ‘real victims’ of Cuccinelli activism

Democratic Party of Virginia chair Dick Cranwell spoke out on Tuesday on the ruling by an Albemarle County judge on a request for information made by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli related to climate-change research by a former University of Virginia professor. “I was glad to see this ideological crusade by Mr. Cuccinelli dismissed by Judge […]

Virginia Democrats question Cuccinelli’s motives in UVa. case

Party releases video on education issue Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has “done serious harm to the integrity of our system of higher education,” Democratic Party of Virginia Chairman Richard Cranwell said Friday, with his request for information relating to research conducted by former UVa. professor Michael Mann, a noted […]

Dem petition drive nets 10K signatures

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   More than 10,000 Virginians have signed a petition calling on Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to “stop wasting our tax dollars on his personal political agenda,” the Democratic Party of Virginia announced in a press release on Tuesday. “Every minute you spend on this frivolous, politically motivated lawsuit is time […]

Focus | Cranwell to Dems: ‘Keep plugging’

Story by Chris Graham The word from Dick Cranwell: “caution.” “This time last year everybody was saying the Republicans were bordering on extinction, they’re almost irrelevant, we’re in for 15 or 20 years of Democratic rule. When people were telling me that a year ago, I was saying, Hey, not so fast, I’ve been around […]