Postgame: Liberty coach Turner Gill on loss to UVA

Liberty FootballOpening statement

“First of all, I want to give God the glory. I’m proud of our team. They fought, played hard. That’s all you can ask your players to do. I really thought we had a great chance to do some things, had some good situations. Unfortunately, we didn’t make enough plays. I thought our defense there in the second half played some good football. [Virginia] has some good football players on their team. Their quarterback is a really good football player. He can definitely run the football. He can definitely throw the football.”

On going for it on 4th and 1 from the Liberty 14

“It’s a read by our quarterback, read by our offensive coordinator. You know, you take chances. You have to take chances in this type of game. You have to score points. We knew we had to score some points against them. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it. It’s a double-read. What I mean by a double-read there is, you have a run play and you have a pass play. Depending on how many guys they have in the box, you throw the football.”

On the struggles of quarterback, Stephen Calvert

“Defensively, Virginia did a lot of good things on their schemes. I knew that going into the game they we were going to do a lot of things post-read, so they caught him in some things that maybe he didn’t read very well. You have to learn from that as we continue to play good football teams. You have to be able to answer those things. They always disguised quite a few things. They gave us a lot of different looks. Obviously took away a little bit of [wide receiver], Antonio [Gandy-Golden]. I think he will learn from this and continue to move on. As the competition is heightened, you’re going to have a lot more different schemes that you’ll face, so he’ll learn from it and move on. ”

On Liberty’s defensive adjustments in the second half

“[We made] some calls that we didn’t have in the first half. We made some adjustments that we had run previously as far as the earlier games that we hadn’t planned for this particular game. Our defense made some different calls and adjustments to try and help ourselves out.”

On UVA quarterback, Bryce Perkins

“Phenomenal player. He’s the key to them having a lot of success offensively, staying on the field. He’s a very, very good football player. I think as he goes, that’s how they’re going to go.”

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