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Uncomfortable Bella Twins feud is perfect WWE drama


Brie Bella, the good girl, reminisces about her mother telling her about how an ultrasound showed her and her twin sister, Nikki, holding hands in the womb.

Nikki, for her part, muses that the reason Brie was holding her hand was because she was already trying to hold her back.

As the husband of a twin, the back-and-forth on this week’s Monday Night Raw was a tad bit uncomfortable to watch, but then the writer in me says, Good writing.

WWE creative is doing its best to keep Daniel Bryan’s name alive through his wife’s feuds with Stephanie McMahon and now her twin, who aided Steph in her SummerSlam triumph over Brie.

The Brie-Nikki feud is compelling as most sibling rivalries that play out in the kayfabe world of pro wrestling are. Think Serena-Venus using their tennis rackets a la Jim Cornette to beat each other senseless.

I’m not sure where it goes from where it is now, but at the least WWE has breathed life into the Bella Twins that has been sorely lacking for some time.

– Column by Chris Graham



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