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Sanford D. Horn | Master of his domain, but little else


In his first primetime press conference Barack Obama was certainly master of his domain – holding court in a campaign-like speech interrupted by the occasional question.
Obama’s goal, clearly, was to remind the American people who won in November and who’s in charge today with his continued fearmongering imploring Congress to hurry up and pass the albatross of our grandchildren’s future – the so-called stimulus package. In that, he succeeded, however, the so-called stimulus package that he optioned out to Nancy Pelosi, Harry “I Can Smell the Tourists” Reid and their merry band of liberals is still the same spending orgy.

Obama, creeping ever closer to socialism, said that only government can solve this crisis, yet in the same breath claimed that 90 percent of the jobs to be created are in private sector, with, of course, no explanation as to how. Flashback to earlier in the same day, Senator Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) pointed out that while small business creates 80 percent of the jobs in this country, only 3/10 of 1 percent of the so-called stimulus package is actually dedicated to small business.

More proof of the government boondoggle was presented by Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) during the same afternoon. Inhofe noted, that of the roughly $1.2 trillion package, including interest – yes, the money is being borrowed, as the government ‘s cupboards are bare – a mere seven percent is actual stimulant and only $27 billion is being driven toward highway construction.

Yet, with enough pork to frighten all of Mecca, Obama had the audacity to say there wasn’t a single earmark in the so-called stimulus package. Inhofe pointed to trail improvements and federal building upgrades as examples of government excess spending that has no place in a real stimulus package. Just because no specific legislator’s name is attached to the various pork projects doesn’t mean their prints haven’t been found on the pen. Then Obama added that “I would love not to have to spend money right now.” This package was his idea.

Some of the money Obama wishes he did not have to spend is being designated for electric golf carts, decried Senator John Ensign (R-Nev.) on the Senate floor in a plea to “start over and get this right.”

Kyl, in his continued objections to the package, indicated that it is a waste to spend $300 billion on government automobiles and another billion for Amtrak. Now that Joe Biden lives in the vice president’s residence, who else rides the beleaguered transportation system? “We are not being wise in the way we are spending this money,” said Kyl.

But to Obama, it’s all about control as he edges the nation closer to socialism. His blanket criticism during his press conference of the use of “corporate jets when it’s not necessary” is yet another example. Admittedly it is not the most prudent action for a financially strapped corporation to take, but if the company is not in Washington with its hand out, it is free to make whatever decision it chooses. However, don’t come begging for a bailout when stupidity catches up you. Free markets depend upon the people, not the government, causing the success or failure of corporate America. When government crosses that line and has a hand in the corporate world, that is one step closer toward socialism.

Obama also reiterated his mantra of “step number one” being the creation or saving of four million jobs. Economists, conservative and liberal alike determined that the cost of such job creating has a price tag of approximately $300,000 per. That’s outrageous. And how exactly does the government plan to save jobs? That’s a question that has neither been asked by the fawning sycophants in the so-called media nor explained by Obama.

Obama also added that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” during his press conference. Not surprisingly nobody had the temerity to ask what it is called when people who do not pay taxes are given a so-called tax rebate. Sure sounds like a free lunch.

But the topper of the press conference is a tie between that doddering fossil Helen Thomas referring to the “so-called terrorists” and Obama actually taking a question from the Huffington Post and granting that outlet legitimacy.

While the Obama halo has yet to tarnish in the eyes of the so-called mainstream media, the popularity of this reckless spending travesty continues to wane with each additional light shed upon its absurd recommendations.


– Column by Sanford D. Horn



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