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Merry Christmas, Mr. Mayor


City employees working up to 5 p.m. this busy Christmas Eve might be interested to know that I ran into our hardworking mayor this morning, and that he was hard at it.

Sweating, breathing hard at times, even, definitely burning calories.

“Merry Christmas, Chris,” Mayor Williams said to me by way of greeting.

We were in the weight room at the Waynesboro YMCA.

You guys remember him having something else to say about the whole Christmas thing a couple of weeks back.

“I, too, think it would be a great gesture to offer the city employes a half-day off, but I’m also confounded with the problem of, they come in, and they attempt to put in a half-day’s work, and we have a full-day’s expense for a half-day’s work,” the mayor said during a discussion of a proposal to give city employees a half-day for Christmas Eve.

“If we want to revisit next year’s schedule, I think we need to do that early in the year and have that discussion. But I, too, would not support just at the last minute giving a half-day off to our city employees,” Williams said.

Looks like the good mayor isn’t into practicing what he preaches.

Merry Christmas, Tim.


– Column by Chris Graham



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