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Ben Cline plays the hits: Pretending immigration issue is a ‘Biden Border Failure’

Chris Graham
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Sixth District Republican Congressman Ben Cline continues to try to look tough on immigration and border issues, in spite of his steadfast opposition to actually voting for real solutions to address the problems that he and the far, far right want to use to get to vote for Donald Trump in November.

“Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has willfully and systematically neglected to follow the laws passed by Congress, and he has violated the separation of powers and acted with deliberate indifference to the clear evidence of lawlessness at the border and turning every locality into a border community. It’s long past time for accountability for the Biden Border Failure,” Cline wrote in a message that his congressional office sent out to Sixth District constituents on Wednesday.

Here we go again.

Cline is lockstep with House Republican leaders, led by House Speaker Mike Johnson, who has declared a bipartisan Senate package on immigration “dead on arrival” if it gets to the House.

The Trump loyalists in the House Republican caucus would prefer to let this “Biden Border Failure,” as Cline calls it in his taxpayer-funded message, fester for what they assume would be political advantage.

Cline has yet to propose or endorse a measure that would address the real issue with immigration – the dramatic lack of border agents who can interview people seeking asylum, to winnow out the thousands who arrive at points of entry every day to claim asylum, and the even more inexcusable lack of immigration judges that has led to a years-long backlog.

For Cline and other Republicans to claim that this is a Biden issue is disingenuous, and he and they know this, and bank on you not knowing it.

If you didn’t know, now you know, so.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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