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Wonder what’s behind Ben Cline flip-flopping on Ukraine? Could it be Donald Trump?

Gene Zitver

The April 24 edition of The News-Gazette, which circulates in Rockbridge County, Lexington and Buena Vista, features an excellent editorial praising the House of Representatives for overwhelmingly approving new military aid to Ukraine in its existential fight against murderous Russian aggression.

This comes after months of unconscionable delay by House Speaker Mike Johnson, who clearly feared the wrath of Donald Trump.

The editors rightfully call out our Sixth District Republican congressman, Ben Cline:

“We note that our own Congressman Ben Cline voted in favor of aid to Israel, aid for Taiwan and other Asian nations, and to force the sale of TicToc, but voted against assistance to Ukraine. We think an explanation is in order. If Representative Cline had a problem with foreign aid as a matter of fiscal responsibility, it would follow that he would have voted against the other two aid bills, but he did not.

The week after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Representative Cline wrote in his Sixth District Perspectives newsletter, “We must continue to prod the Administration and the world community to stand strongly against this aggression. The Ukrainian people have shown tremendous resiliency and determination in their efforts to repel the invaders and defend their homeland. I am pleased that countries throughout Europe have condemned the actions of the Kremlin and are giving the Ukrainian resistance some of the tools needed to fight. As the situation unfolds, our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainian people.”

What’s changed from 26 months ago?

What, indeed?

Perhaps there’s a hint of the answer in this new post on Cline’s campaign website:


Gene Zitver is the editor of ClineWatch.