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David Reynolds | Giving thanks

Thanksgiving is an American holiday which remains faithful to its origins. It is a peaceful day set aside to give thanks for our many blessings. Every year I publish mine. For Thanksgiving 2008, I am thankful for …
– The end of the endless presidential campaign. Now we can get serious about 2012.
– Nov. 4. It proved that we are not the people many claimed we were on Nov. 3.

– The Nevada Gaming Commission for not taking over the Securities & Exchange Commission. Or has it?

– Folks who ask, “How are you?.” Not, “How’s your portfolio?”

– Not playing the horses. Instead, I played the market. Now with both it takes only two minutes to tell winners from losers.

– The only two forces that drive the stock market. And, hopefully, someday greed will return.

– Northern Virginia. It is Virginia’s cash cow. Can Real Virginia divorce it and still balance its budget?

– The way we have always managed growth here. We simply keep from growing. Now the whole country is doing our thing.

– The IRS, an agency with many answers to the same question. Can we pick and choose?

– The NCAA and its booze ban at college football games. It has made the NFL a television league.

– Being above ground. It beats the alternative. Unless you’re getting $35 an hour mining coal in Southwest Virginia.

– For gasoline at less than $2 per gallon. I thank Big Oil for the price cut. No one else will.

– The newly elected Lexington City Council. Next year VMI will have a new leadership institute. Maybe the two can get together.

– Guilt. Without it we would have less recycling and meals for the poor.

– Values which spring from the land. That is, until we pave everything over.

– Having so many friends that I got rid of my dog. Now my dog has more friends than I do.

– Our “Tale of Two Cities.” I would rather be in Lexington or Buena Vista than in London or Paris. At least until the dollar gets stronger.

– All the tons of money shipped here so I can experience college life the way it was meant to be: Without exams or term papers.

– The lone repairman who did not hunt this month. He went over his limit in October.

– Not having all the government we pay for. In 2009, will we have more of both, government and taxes?

– Locals who can not explain themselves. They have this strange notion that their lives should do all the talking.

– Country folks who could make more money. But that would mean “life” in the city.

– The City of Lexington and Rockbridge County for not building a golf course. And for Buena Vista for building one.

– A community hospital soon to be linked to a new med school and a growing clinic. May the old SJH rest in peace.

– Having a local building that can be seen from outer space. And the new courthouse isn’t even finished.

– Having three local police forces. Don’t you feel safer than with just one?

– Having more fire departments and rescue squads than I can count. Why can’t we just get along with just one?

– The 22nd Century. By then our two independent cities will become two towns within the same county.

– Knowing that while I sleep I have never made a mistake.

But most of all, I am thankful that life is a miracle and I am still experiencing miracles. Happy Thanksgiving!


– Column by David Reynolds

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