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Munters to invest $2.5 million to expand manufacturing operation in Buena Vista

Munters Corporation will invest $2.5 million at its manufacturing operation in Buena Vista.

Blue Ridge Parkway announces short-term road closure

Blue Ridge Parkway personnel will be conducting road maintenance from Monday, March 28 through April 1.

Route 60 closure in Buena Vista rescheduled to Feb. 4

The planned closure of Route 60 in Buena Vista has been postponed until Thursday because of expected rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Route 60 in Buena Vista closed Feb. 3

Route 60 (East 29th Street/Midland Trail) will be closed near the eastern city limits of Buena Vista on Wednesday, February 3.

Buena Vista man dies in Augusta County crash

Virginia State Police Sr. Trooper S.A. Simmons is investigating a fatal crash in Augusta County.

Buena Vista man arrested on meth charges after footchase in Waynesboro

The Waynesboro Police Department arrested a wanted Buena Vista man after an anonymous tip led officers to the suspect’s whereabouts.


ACA statement regarding loan default by the City of Buena Vista

Following the recent decision by the City of Buena Vista to renege on forbearance terms negotiated in 2011, the bond trustee for the city’s approximately $9 million in Golf Course Project Bonds has issued an Event of Default Notice.


Nothin’ Fancy Bluegrass Festival starts Sept. 25

The City of Buena Vista, Virginia invites Bluegrass music lovers to join them for the 14th annual Nothin’ Fancy Bluegrass Festival to be held September 25-27 at Glen Maury Park in Buena Vista.

Ed Gillespie spouting nonsense, GOP talking points, or both?

The world is coming to an end, and the reason why: Barack Obama. This was the message from Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie Monday in Buena Vista.

Medicaid expansion talk is going nowhere

You knew this already, but the special session that Republican leaders in the Virginia General Assembly called for Sept. 16-17 to discuss Medicaid expansion is going absolutely nowhere.

mark warner

Mark Warner on the issues

Statements from U.S. Sen. Mark Warner on his visit to Buena Vista on Monday on student debt, the V-A scandal and Iraq.

mark warner

The start of the 2014 Senate race with Mark Warner in Buena Vista

Mark Warner was searching for the right front porch. “There was one lady I wanted to make sure to see, and I hope I got her, because she told somebody last night, Make sure he comes up and kisses me on my porch, and I couldn’t remember which porch, so I made sure I went up to every porch.”

Video: U.S. Senator Mark Warner on Labor Day in Buena Vista

Footage from U.S. Sen. Mark Warner’s speech at the 2014 Buena Vista Labor Day event.

Video: Republican Senate nominee Ed Gillespie on Labor Day

Footage from Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie’s speech at the 2014 Buena Vista Labor Day event.

Video: Libertarian Senate candidate Robert Sarvis in Buena Vista

Footage from Libertarian Senate candidate Robert Sarvis’s speech at the 2014 Buena Vista Labor Day event.

Video: Bob Goodlatte Labor Day speech

Footage from U.S. Congressman Bob Goodlatte’s speech at the 2014 Buena Vista Labor Day event.

Video: Sixth District Libertarian nominee Will Hammer

Footage from Libertarian congressional candidate Will Hammer’s speech at the 2014 Buena Vista Labor Day event.

News Roundup: Military plane crash, Bob McDonnell trial, Labor Day in Buena Vista

A grim discovery last night in Deerfield, Va., as investigators discovered the remains of Lt. Col. Morris Fontenot Jr., the pilot on a routine flight from Massachusetts to New Orleans whose F-15C jet crashed in the mountains of western Augusta County early Wednesday morning.


Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission celebrates 45th year

The Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission (CSPDC) turns 45 in September, and the organization that was created by the Virginia General Assembly in 1969 to establish regional cooperation as a cornerstone to long–term prosperity and economic success continues to distinguish itself as a model of what cooperation between government agencies can accomplish.

staunton creative community fund

Chapter closing for Staunton Creative Community Fund first loan client

Charlie Cubbage became the newly formed Staunton Creative Community Fund’s first loan client in June of 2008. He was looking to expand Charlie’s Tool Repair which had grown slowly over the years even before becoming a stand-alone business in 1994.

Chris Graham: Different vistas

We’re driving through Altavista this week on our way back from Greensboro, and it hits me. The anxiety medicine that I take when traveling, that is.


Two new EMS educators hired at Central Shenandoah EMS Council

Central Shenandoah EMS Council is pleased to announce that we have hired two new educators to join our staff. The addition of two new educators is key to our ability to offer a full range of EMS educational programming to include our new paramedic training program which is on track for the fall of 2015.

valley program for aging services

Valley Program for Aging Services joins National Movement to End Senior Hunger

Valley Program for Aging Services (VPAS), in partnership with the National Council on Aging (NCOA) and with support from the Walmart Foundation, has joined a nationwide effort to fight senior hunger by dramatically increasing participation by eligible seniors in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

BLR DSMP Workshop Series Began April 3

A new Diabetes Self-Management workshop series began on April 3 in the Buena Vista-Lexington-Rockbridge Region, led by Jonni Lyle, Maury River Senior Center Director, and Jeri Schaff, BLR RD.

VPAS CDSME Exceeds Grant Completer Goal

VPAS Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (CDSME) has exceeded the current grant year goal of having 258 workshop completers with a current total of 272 even though the grant year does not end until Aug. 31. A workshop completer is defined as a participant who attends at least four of six workshop sessions.

Christmas story returns with Night of Miracles nativity village

After attracting more than 5,000 visitors last year to its site, the seventh annual Night of Miracles… A Journey to Bethlehem will run on the weekends of December 6, 7, 8 and 13, 14, 15 in Buena Vista. The interactive, walk-through, live nativity village is set on the hill behind Buena Vista Food Lion at Highway 60 East & Highway 608 South.

David Reynolds: So long for awhile, that’s all the songs for a while

Column by David Reynolds Submit guest columns: freepress2@ntelos.net   So long for a while. That’s all the songs for a while. So closed the old “Your Hit Parade” radio show every Saturday night. This might also be a good way to say that until its proprietor and the weather cools off, this marketplace of ideas […]

David Reynolds: Giving

Column by David Reynolds Submit guest columns: freepress2@ntelos.net   I will keep Part One short. Give. There are needs out there. It is the American way to take care of those needs. Whether you have fifty cents or a thousand dollars to spare for a good cause, do it. Just do it. Give it away. […]

David Reynolds: A Reflection

Column by David Reynolds Submit guest columns: freepress2@ntelos.net   There are times when one must get away and reflect. For a couple of reasons this was one of those times. The man in the mirror had a milestone only days away. And he knew of too many friends who had left this paradise for another […]

David Reynolds: The budget circus

Column by David Reynolds Submit guest columns: freepress2@ntelos.net   Whew! That was close. It’s a good thing that the local budget season is over. One of these years a budget will cause real damage. Or do real good. But not this year.  However, you would never have known it according to the local press. Each […]

Royals romp over Southern Virginia

  Staff Report EMU sports: www.emu.edu On Dec. 12, Southern Virginia handed the Runnin Royals their first loss of the 2009-2010 season, 92-79 in Buena Vista. Thursday night, Eastern Mennonite paid back the Knights in Harrisonburg by racing to a 26-point halftime lead en route to an 89-68 victory. The teams quickly started the game […]

What should it do?

   Column by David Reynolds Submit guest columns: freepress2@ntelos.net That’s the multi-trillion-dollar question. It is that big a question because it is one that requires all of us to answer. Yet it is directed to only one segment of our economy, the one with an obesity problem. The “it,” of course, is government. What should […]

VDOT roads report

The latest on ongoing local roads projects from the Virginia Department of Transportation. Rockbridge County Interstate 64 * Mile marker 41 to 57, eastbound and westbound – Litter and debris removal. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. * Various locations – Ditch cleaning, Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

David Cox | The BeeVees

TV has its Emmys, Broadway has its Tonies. Virginia now has its BeeVees, the first annual awards surrounding the yearly Labor Day extravaganza that makes our own Buena Vista the political capital of the Commonwealth. This year was no exception. The current governor, the lieutenant governor, and candidates for all three statewide jobs (those two […]

Tim Kaine plays your favorites

Facebook Video shot by AFP editor Chris Graham of Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine playing harmonica on a bluegrass tune at the Labor Day parade in Buena Vista on Monday, Sept. 7, 2009. Length: 0:22.

The Labor Day Parade in Pictures

AFP editor Chris Graham walked the Buena Vista Labor Day Parade route and got a few choice snapshots of the candidates in action. Follow Democratic Party candidates Creigh Deeds, Jody Wagner and Steve Shannon and Gov. Tim Kaine on the parade route.

The Latest

Friday, Aug. 14 – Local News: RMH employees pass gift goal Thursday, Aug. 13 – Local News: Staunton City Council meeting tonight – State News: Good economic news in Martinsville Wednesday, Aug. 12 – Local News: Augusta County Board of Supervisors meeting agenda Tuesday, Aug. 11 – State News: Jail agrees to change policies regarding […]

David Reynolds | Wasting away

Not only in Margaritaville, but here and everywhere, we are wasting away. We have allowed our God-given talents and resources to be put on hold. Why? Because we have found the perfect excuse. We have found one that nobody challenges. You know what it is. “It’s the economy.”

David Reynolds | Cruel times

OK, we got out of January alive – but with our portfolios still getting beaten to a small pulp. There is no need for anyone to go skiing this winter. Just latch on to a few blue-chip stocks and slide down with them. But that’s not my style. I buried gold coins in my back […]

David Reynolds | The Community’s State

I suppose I could have waited until later in the month and headed for Washington or Richmond. Or just turned on the tube to find out what our new president had to say about the State of the Union, or our governor about the State of the Commonwealth. Instead, as a Jeffersonian who loves Real […]

David Reynolds | Giving thanks

Thanksgiving is an American holiday which remains faithful to its origins. It is a peaceful day set aside to give thanks for our many blessings. Every year I publish mine. For Thanksgiving 2008, I am thankful for … – The end of the endless presidential campaign. Now we can get serious about 2012. – Nov. […]

Charlie and Joe

Forget about last night. But don’t forget what happened last week. A local hero was reborn in Philadelphia. Our man, now everybody’s man, Charlie Manuel did it. Charlie took his Phillies to the World Series and beyond. His club won it all – World Champs.

David Reynolds: If it’s Labor Day …

Column by David Reynolds … then I must have breakfast in Buena Vista. But where? Up the hill at the high school or down in town at the American Legion Hall. With the Dems or with the Republicans? My usual choice is to breakfast downtown and hear what the elephants have to say. But as […]

’08 Senate: Gilmore goes on attack against Warner

The Top Story by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net Jim Gilmore standing at the podium in Glen Maury Park in Buena Vista at the foot of the Blue Ridge pulled a piece of paper from his pocket. A burly, hirsute man wearing a form-fitting Gilmore T-shirt handed the news reporter standing next to me a similarly-sized paper […]