Chris Graham: The new dumbest thing about the shutdown

chris-graham-links3So now they’re going to cancel college football games. This blows the rest of the dumb stuff about the shutdown away.

First off, OK, big whup. So now the Air Force can’t play Navy, and Army can’t play Boston College. As long as the thing is settled before Army-Navy, the sports world could give two craps.

But then second, I mean, come on, seriously? The Republicans starting this whole mess over trying to put a finger in the wall to stop ObamaCare from signing people up for health insurance was bad enough. Now we’ve got the Obama folks hitting us where it hurts.

Sorry. No football for you.

Gotcha. Republicans are no doubt running from the flood of phone calls from constituents back home now that this genie is out of the bottle.

Interesting thought to ponder here – so football at the service academies uses tax dollars? Hmmm. Makes sense, upon reflection. It’s not like any of them are anywhere near relevant as players on the national stage (this not being the 1950s or 1960s).

Athletics departments at the non-service academies balance their books on TV revenues, ticket sales, donations from boosters and student-activity fees.

(Boosters. That’s what the service academies need.)

Memo to the DoD: Don’t punish the kids because the Tea Party forgot that we had an election on ObamaCare in 2012, and they lost.

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