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Where to put microwave in a small kitchen

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Our lifestyle has changed to a great extent, so when we design our home, technology is something that we cannot miss out on. It makes our life convenient, connected, and efficient.

In the home, there lies our kitchen, be it small or big, the kitchen is the heart of the home so, we cannot exclude our kitchen from technology as well.

And the most important technology that we cannot do without is the microwave. Our busy lifestyle demands everything quick, including food, so a microwave is a must-have appliance in every kitchen.

However, putting a microwave in the right place becomes challenging when it comes to a small kitchen. It requires a lot of brainstorming.

While you can have every big appliance that you want in a big kitchen, you can only have the most needed appliance in the small kitchen. And prioritizing needs over wants every time is no fun.

Places where we can put microwave in a small kitchen

Let us discuss the few places where you can position your microwave if you have a small kitchen.


The drawer cabinet could be one of the best places to put the microwave. If you are someone who likes to keep the countertop area free to keep the dishes while preparing any kind of meal, Then placing the microwave in the cabinet would be a great option. It saves enough countertop space, and at the same time, makes the kitchen look well organized.

Depending on the reachability and comfort, place your microwave in the upper cabinet or the lower cabinet as you like.

The upper cabinet by nature is around the eye level for most. Whereas the lower cabinet would be below waist height. In the lower cabinet, there might be difficulties getting an electrical outlet or finding the right trim kit.

Wherever you place it, you may need a little bit of construction for the minor cabinetry work. So contact a professional who can do that for you and install a trim kit for the smooth finishing

However, you need to be cautious while placing your microwave in the cabinet. It is true that you can put the microwave in any cabinet but only when there is enough space for the needed clearance for the circulation of air.

Make sure there is plenty of clearance for air circulation on the side, back, and top. It avoids heat buildup and promotes smooth operation.

Kitchen island

A kitchen island can be a smart and convenient location for the microwave. Making a good utilization of an island can save you a great space. It is the easiest to reach the location. If you are fine with your children having access to the microwave then it is the perfect location. Children and adults of any height can have its benefits.

Get help from a professional to cut and fit the trim kit and do the proper wiring. The Trim kit can be cut and fit in any cabinet as they are designed to fit almost every microwave. It gives a built-in look and helps promote the proper airflow for smooth operation.

Over the range

You can opt for the over the range microwave if you are not ready to compromise with the countertop space or any cabinets. As cabinets have a huge role to play in a small kitchen. It is an economical solution both in terms of space and budget.

They are installed above your cooktop, which makes your mealtime simple. They come with a built-in exhaust fan that works as ventilation and hence eliminates the smoke, steam, and cooking odors.

The drawback it has is the height, it can be out of reach for some adults as well. In that case, it’s not a good location.

Mount on the wall

Adjusting space in a small kitchen can be a headache sometimes, so instead of searching for a place to insert your microwave, you can simply create a place by yourself by mounting it on the wall.

You can do it yourself if you have got the home improvement skills or contact a professional if necessary. For the venting route, you use a wall vent or a roof vent.

It gives a creative appearance to your kitchen.

Microwave stands or racks

For some reason, if your tiny kitchen does not have shelves or cabinets, or perhaps you don’t want your valuable space inside the drawer to be occupied, then you can buy a stand or a rack to keep the microwave.

You can get countless options in the market today. Different companies offer different builds, materials, features, and durability. So you can pick one as per your need.

The best reason to buy it is that you can move it any time you want. It makes it very easy to clean the area hence, the kitchen remains well organized and clean.

Near refrigerator

Yes, you can place the microwave near refrigerator. In Fact, the microwave can be placed right on top of the refrigerator. It can be an excellent place to put your microwave when you don’t have enough space in the kitchen.

Most of us doubt the safety concern. But you don’t need to worry about that. Both of the appliances have a safety shielding which doesn’t allow them to interfere. So it is completely safe to place the microwave near the refrigerator.

However, you should prevent powering a refrigerator and a microwave on the same circuit because each appliance requires a dedicated circuit which should not be shared with any other appliances as well.

Usually, any food that goes inside a microwave comes from the fridge so, you would love to keep the microwave near the refrigerator. It makes it easy and smooth for anyone to just take the food out and place it into a microwave.


Every house is special on its own. Be it small or big, the design you give to every corner makes a house unique. It is not necessarily true that a bigger kitchen makes an ideal kitchen.

The benefit of having a small kitchen is highly underestimated. If you can organize things properly, there are so many advantages to having a small kitchen.

It takes no time to clean it. You calculate the necessities buy only the most needed appliances and dishes instead of buying stuff that pleases your eyes. Hence, it saves you a lot of time and money.

And, as far as the concern about placing the microwave, you can place it in one of the places mentioned above and keep your kitchen elegant and smooth.

Story by Sreeraj M Ajay                                    

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