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What stylists don’t tell you: 4 tips & a secret to make manicure last longer

manicure​Whether you use acrylic nails, gel polish or just plain polish, you definitely want your manicure to last for as long as possible. Sure, sometimes you just need a new color, hence the need of a change. But most commonly, this change is a necessity. Your polish starts to chip or the gel starts falling off. Your stylist is less likely to properly educate you because – let’s face it – they want your business. They want you to come back as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to make manicure last longer without even trying too hard.

Effects of Vinegar

Even if you do nails yourself, a few tips will make your manicure more durable. For instance, when about to apply the base coat, make sure you use some vinegar first. Get a cotton pad, dip it in white vinegar and wipe it down your nails. Why? Vinegar is strong and can remove natural oils. Also, it removes dirt. These things affect the durability of your manicure, hence the necessity to clear them off. Let your nails dry naturally and go with the base coat. Even if you use the best LED nail lamp on the market, vinegar will still help.

Soaking Nails – No-No

Thinking to soak nails before painting them? Terrible mistake! Even some so-called professionals do that. It’s nothing but a myth. They believe that they can soften cuticles. But then, the effects are worse in the long run. When soaked, nails tend to retain water. They also expand a little. Paint them up and they will shrink as they get to their original size and shape. Your polish will not fit properly, but it will also start chipping. Instead, cuticle oil will make a better option.

No Polish on Your Cuticles

Polish on your cuticles is the fastest way to ruin your manicure. You can use the best UV nail lamp in the world and it won’t help. When polish goes on your cuticles, it will inevitably lift from the nail. Nails will chip, while the polish will fall off in no time. It doesn’t mean you have to cut your cuticles. Just push them back. Use some cuticle oil as well.

Reapplying Clear Topcoats

Your stylist won’t tell you, but reapplying just one layer of clear topcoat every couple of days will delay chipping. It’s a protective layer covering the polish or gel that will also boost shine. Nail oil is a good choice too, but it shouldn’t be a replacement for the clear topcoat. Using nail oil on a daily basis will prevent splitting and drying. Your nails shouldn’t be wet, but don’t let them dehydrate either.

Finally, feel free to file your nails down and reapply topcoat if the polish starts chipping. It’s a simple, yet extremely efficient idea. All these tips and tricks can literally double up the durability of your manicure. Of course, it depends on your job and everyday activities too. But overall, maintaining your manicure in the best condition should not be a problem.