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Weeks after shooting, Virginia businesses are still giving back

After the recent shooting at Virginia Beach, businesses across the state began pitching in to help the victims and their families. Over 30 companies started to give back through monetary donations. Many of these companies have also pledged to participate in running fundraisers to raise the amount of donations even more. These companies are positively impacting Virginia in its currently fragile state. Virginia businesses provide their communities with support during these times and during less tragic periods as well. In this article, you will learn about the different ways that Virginia businesses give back to their local communities.

First Responders

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Businesses in Virginia give back to their first responders. They do so after traumatic events that lead to first responders putting their lives on the line for Virginia’s citizens. Many also give back on a regular basis, thanking the first responders for their every day duties that make their communities safer. Since first responders also hold fundraisers and festivals to raise capital for their organizations, businesses have even more opportunities to provide them with financial aid. First responders can use the capital to improve their equipment and continue to keep the towns of Virginia as safe as possible.

Victim Support

Lastly, Virginia businesses provide victim support during tragic times. From mass shootings to weather destruction, companies provide citizens who were impacted with monetary support. They put their businesses on hold to raise money at local fundraisers. Certain companies create online campaigns to raise capital. Others host music festivals and use the profits they make to help victims and their families. The companies who participate in these acts of kindness range from local pizza restaurants to museums. This type of local support directly impacts the families of victims in the shootings.If tragedy strikes in Virginia, there is no questions that businesses are willing to reach out a helping hand.

Technological Advancements

Additionally, tech businesses use their capital and their IT skills to give back to their communities during hard times. Technology companies pay it forward to schools that do not have the funding themselves to provide their students with quality technology. They donate pieces of equipment like computers to schools that want to improve their education processes for the sake of their students. IT services in Virginia also provide financial assistance for homeless families in their local areas. Some tech companies offer discounted services to nonprofits and startups who are filing a business as a way to pay it forward. Hence, Virginia’s technology businesses give back to their communities in response to adversity.

Nutrition Programs

Viriginia’s businesses give back to the community through participating in nutrition programs as well. These programs typically include working at local soup kitchens and putting meals together for homeless people. After a traumatic mass shooting event, these are the types of programs that can pull a community together. Some businesses launch their own programs in hopes of making an impact on the lives of citizens who cannot afford food or basic essentials. On the other hand, a large amount of companies in Virginia provide assistance by joining already-established organizations like Meals on Wheels. Regardless of how companies give back, they do so to positively affect their local communities and offer a sense of caring in difficult times.

Educational Institutions

To give back to the community, one of the most prominent recipients of Virginia companies’ donations is the education system. Businesses donate portions of their capital to various educational institutions every year. Some focus on the higher education system, raising capital for community colleges and universities in their areas. Others offer financial assistance to their local elementary, middle and high schools. They sponsor sports teams and contribute to their town fundraisers. As a result, the education system has opportunities for continuous growth and improvement to avoid tragic events. Therefore, this is an impactful way that Virginia businesses are giving back to the community.

Virginia businesses provide groups of people who are in need with aid. They give back to the education system by donating to colleges, universities, grade schools and high schools. First responders receive donations from companies who appreciate their efforts. Successful technology companies pay it forward to students, nonprofit organizations and homeless families. During tragic times, local businesses support victims through donations and hosting fundraisers. Finally, numerous companies launch their own nutrition programs or join pre-existing ones to provide financially-unstable citizens with quality food. Virginia’s businesses give back to their local communities in more ways than one.

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