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Ultimate cleaning and maintenance checklist for business offices

It’s terribly hard to concentrate at work, let alone complete a task when the office is untidy and messy. This is why maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of your office should be among your top priorities as a business owner. With a neat workplace, your employees will feel more comfortable to work. It will also significantly increase their creativity and productivity levels. So, what are the most important cleaning and maintenance tasks that you should include on your to-do list each month?

Start with the floor or carpet

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Make sure that the floor or carpet is free from dirt or stains. If your office flooring comes with a carpet, you should have it cleaned at last once a month. It’s highly recommended to look for professional carpet cleaners near me to ensure that you fully remove every dust particle stuck in each fiber of your carpet.

If your flooring doesn’t come with a carpet, the cleaning method you need to use depends on the type of flooring material. For example, if your office uses hardwood flooring, you need to check what type of coating was used. Rub your fingers on the flooring surface. If you see a smudge, its outer coating is made of wax, so you should not use a wet mop to clean it. Instead, you should use a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop.

Clear out the announcement board from time to time

Make it a habit to get rid of sticky notes and other materials pinned on the announcement board as soon as you’re through with them. This will help declutter the space, so your employees don’t feel overwhelmed when they look at the board.

Empty the trash bins and disinfect areas as needed

Take out the trash every day and see to it that the materials are well segregated. Provide separate bins for biodegradable, non-biodegradable and residual waste. More importantly, keep the areas clean and sanitized each day. This will help prevent the spread of common viral diseases such as colds, coughs and flu.

Wipe the glass doors and windows

No one wants to look through a grimy glass door or window! Schedule a regular window cleaning routine and use the right type of solution and equipment to carry out the task. You can use a squeegee to wipe off thin layers of dust and a thick sponge to scrub away deep-seated dirt and grime. You should schedule your window cleaning chore when it’s not too warm to avoid dealing with a nasty-looking watermark on the glass.

Aside from the tasks above, you should have the office bathrooms regularly cleaned and maintained too. See to it that they’re free from mildew and other kinds of stains. Lastly, don’t forget to wipe the office furnishings and decors. Dust may accumulate on the surface after sometime, so have your trusty cleaners brush them at least once a week. Which other cleaning chores do you want to include in your regular office cleanup to-do list?

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