Trump throws party, and nobody is coming

donald trumpThe Philadelphia Eagles weren’t going to the White House anyway, not that any of us would have noticed, had President Trump not brought it to our attention.

That’s what this is all about, of course.

You can’t throw a party and not have anybody show up without throwing a hissy fit about it, not unless you’re not a 3-year-old, which in the case of our POTUS, yeah.

Trump is still butt-hurt over not being let into the NFL owners club back in the day, which is why he got involved in the USFL, then, supreme deal-maker that he is, ran that league into the ground, before embarking on his stellar career in business, six bankruptcies and counting.

This culture war on the NFL makes no sense other than it being personal. The NFL, culturally, is the province of the Trump base, a violent sport popular on Friday nights on high-school fields and Saturdays in college stadiums, mostly in red states, the flyover states.

Well, OK, there is the part about most of the league being African-Americans, who realized a few years ago that they could take an opportunity with the millions of watchful eyes on the fruits of their labor to raise issue with racial injustice.

Trump making their protests about the flag and the military and mom and apple pie is of course disingenuous, but this is the guy whose picture is in the dictionary beside the word disingenuous.

He’s learned well from his mafioso idols how to knee-cap his rivals. NFL players want to raise issue with the many fine people who view Make America Great Again as signaling a return to pre-civil rights, women’s and LGBTQ equality America? Great, we can use this.

Doesn’t matter, in the case of the Philadelphia Eagles, that none of their players took a knee or sat through an anthem in the 2017 season. Our buddies in Fox News will highlight photos of players taking a knee anyway – OK, they were taking knees in prayer completely unrelated to the anthem, but you don’t think the average MAGA-inspired Fox News viewer to not buy what they’re being sold, do you?

So, Trump still gets his party, and believe me, when it’s all said and done, there will have been more people at the White House celebrating the Eagles’ Super Bowl win than there were at that loser parade in Philly right after it happened.

And did I mention, Philadelphia, and not many people know this, is in Pennsylvania, which Trump won, beating Crooked Hillary, on his way to the biggest Electoral College win ever, in history?

God help us all.

Column by Chris Graham

augusta free press news