The short and long term effects of heroin to your body

healthcareLike all other illegal drugs, heroin is very addictive. It is obtained from the opium poppy plant. Heroin addiction has become popular worldwide as individuals turn to the drug for pain relief without realizing the harms that come with it. Misusing this drug has claimed many lives, and if not addressed, heroin addiction can lead to severe effects. These effects can either be long-term or short-term.

Long-term effects of heroin

Increased use of heroin distorts the normal functioning of the brain. It then creates long-term imbalances which are hard to reverse. They include;

  • Withdrawal

It occurs a while after you use the drug. Some withdrawal signs include restlessness, vomiting, muscle pain and insomnia. Some symptoms of withdrawal show after 24 hours or so and wear out after approximately a week. Some individuals show these signs for even months. Repeated use of heroin leads to heroin addiction which is characterized by continuous drug seeking by victims. At this point, addicts cannot do without it.

  • Poor decision making

The use of heroine interferes with the brain and easily leads to poor judgment. It becomes hard to make the right decision as time goes by.

  • Physical dependence

It occurs in such a way that the body gets used to operating under the influence of the drug and that without it the body cannot run correctly.

Short-term effects

Once heroin enters the brain, users feel a specific pleasurable sensation know as ‘rush.’ It is a kind of a euphoric feeling and users feel very good immediately when the drug reaches the brain. The effect and speeds depend on how an individual administers heroin into the body. Injection is usually fast and reaches the brain faster as compared to when the drug is smoked. The bottom line is, heroin enters the brain at an alarming rate as compared to other drugs, and this explains the quick speed of addiction even after a short period of use.

Users also experience dry mouth and heavy extremities occasionally. After short-term effects, users can feel drowsy since the drug affects the central nervous system in the brain. In most cases, it can lead to slow breathing which, if you used the drug excessively, it results in fatal damages such as breathing problems. Some short-term effects manifest themselves in long-term ones as well, for example, vomiting, nausea and severe itching.

Heroin is among the most abused drug globally with most individuals overlooking the harmful effects that come handy with its consumption. The users become dependent on the drug, and their lives end up miserably when due to the money wasted buying it and destruction of their relationship with the people around them. The worst part is that they are afraid to stop using the drug due to the fear of withdrawal symptoms. However, what you get for prolonged use of this drug is far much worse than what you experience for choosing to stop using it. Save yourself from potential medical complications, money wastage and wasting your life by doing what is best for your body, mind, soul, and people around you.

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