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The 2019 productivity guide for young entrepreneurs

Many people dream of running a successful business, but there are numerous hurdles that can get in the way of achieving that goal.

The challenges can be even greater for young entrepreneurs, with many of the issues they face often something they have never encountered in life before.

In order to make a success of business, it is imperative that an individual creates a structure around themselves that allows them to maximise their productivity.

This should extend to all areas of daily life, helping to ensure that you gain the optimum conditions to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Read on as we bring you the essential 2019 productivity guide for young entrepreneurs.

Create a comprehensive personal & professional schedule

Using a suitable calendar containing all your personal and professional arrangements is a great way to improve your productivity.

Whether it’s meetings at work, space for checking or emails or details about family events, creating a comprehensive record of your upcoming schedule ensures you will manage your time more efficiently.

Entrepreneurs who fail to do this often end up being pulled from pillar to post, as the demands of work and home life become too much to handle.

Keeping a dedicated schedule frees up your mind that things are organised and people who start using a daily planner will find that they enjoy a much better work/life balance.

Widen your circle of contacts

Networking is an excellent way to widen your circle of contacts. It puts you in touch with like-minded individuals who have similar work values, ethics and goals.

By reaching out to other people in your industry you will build up a circle of people who may prove useful to you in the future.

Sharing experiences with fellow entrepreneurs will improve your own knowledge as they reciprocate by giving you insights into their world.

Building up a book of contacts is a sure-fire way to ensure that any problems you may encounter in business can be answered quickly by someone who will know the answer to your specific query.

Don’t neglect your personal fitness

One of the best habits any entrepreneur can adopt to enhance their personal productivity is to engage in physical exercise.

Whether it’s running, swimming, yoga or something else, exercise is the best way to manage and alleviate stress, feel good and keep an overall positive mindset.

It helps you keep a clear mind and will increase your productivity in both your personal and professional life.

Even setting aside just 30 minutes a day to undertake some physical exercise can make a massive difference to your productivity.

Take time to mentor others

Building a company can be tiring, so spending time mentoring others can be both personally rewarding and help to re-energise you.

Helping someone else will give you renewed enthusiasm as well as giving you the opportunity to tap into fresh ideas that you may be able to use in your own business.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of becoming blinkered that their way is the only way to do things, but mentoring others will help prevent this from happening.

By giving something back to your chosen industry you will feel better about yourself while boosting your own network of contacts.

Prioritise your most important tasks

Take time at the start of each week or month to prioritise your most important tasks. Young entrepreneurs often spread themselves too thinly, so focusing on the things that really matter will increase productivity.

Make sure that things you can pass along to other members of staff are delegated, so that you can concentrate on the areas of your business that need your maximum attention.

Having the correct staff in place to look after the ‘daily grind’ will free time up to allow you to focus on making sure things like the financial side of the business or new customer development are kept on track.

Monitor your progress

Keeping track of the progress of your business is another way to ensure things are running smoothly.

Monitoring turnover and profit figures will help you see that things are on target and keep you motivated for the future.

Keeping records about peaks and troughs in performance allows you to identify the things your business does well and areas for improvement.

Productive entrepreneurs will know at any given time how their business is performing, helping to ensure that any issues are dealt with promptly.

Be flexible

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires a high level of dedication to achieve your dreams. This means sacrificing both time and money to make it happen.

Whereas your staff may be happy to work 9-5, many bosses work much longer hours in order to make the businesses a success.

It is important to ensure that those extra hours don’t become overbearing, but by employing some of the other suggestions in this guide you have all the tools you need to become a success in your chosen industry.