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Six great reasons to book a villa instead of a hotel on your next vacation

businessWhen taking a vacation, the accommodation that you choose can make or break the experience. Whilst a hotel room can be a great choice for anybody who simply wants a warm bed and a clean bathroom for a few days, those wanting a little bit more from the place they’re staying in should consider booking a villa instead. Contrary to popular belief, having tons of space, your own private pool, and plenty of home-from-home comforts doesn’t always come in at a higher price than a standard hotel room, particularly if you’re traveling in a large group and can split the cost more ways. If you’re planning a vacation soon and want to get the most from your accommodation choice, read on for some of the top reasons to choose a villa instead of a hotel.

#1. Save Money:

Let’s cut to the chase – of course, the main thing that you want when booking accommodation for your trip is somewhere that isn’t going to break the bank. Villas can be some of the best high-quality accommodation options if you’re traveling on a budget – in fact, they can come in much cheaper than hotels. You can even get some villas for as little as around $20 per person per night if you fill every room. Whilst a hotel room may be a wise option if you’re traveling solo, villas are definitely the most cost-effective option for families or groups.

#2. Enjoy More Privacy:

One of the biggest downsides of staying at a hotel or resort is that privacy can be fairly limited. Although you’ll have your own private room and usually a private bathroom, you can expect to share the hotel’s pool, restaurant and other communal areas, which may be fairly busy at peak times of the year. On the other hand, staying in a villa means that you get to enjoy complete privacy during your stay – prepare your own food in your own private kitchen, and lounge all day beside a private pool in blissful peace and quiet.

#3. Perfect for Kids:

If you’re planning an amazing family vacation together with your children, then booking your stay in a villa is a no-brainer. Staying in a hotel can quickly become cramped and boring for little ones, which can even lead to spending more money during your stay, since you’ll need to find more things to go out and do to keep everyone entertained. In a villa, it’s the complete opposite – you can find many family-friendly properties that come complete with a kids’ play area outside and other great facilities to keep them occupied if you want to enjoy a chilled family day in.

#4. Bring Your Pets:

Bringing your beloved family pet along with you can prove extremely tricky when booking a hotel room. Most hotels have a strict ‘no pets’ policy, and even the ones that allow your dog or cat to stay in the room with you will often charge a hefty fee for the privilege. On the contrary, there should be no issues with bringing your pet along to enjoy your family vacation when you stay in a villa. It’s a good idea to check first, as some don’t allow pets, but it’s typically a lot easier to find one which will when compared to a hotel.

#5. Enjoy a More Social Vacation:

Staying in a villa can make your vacation even more of an amazing social experience. For example, if you’re planning to take a trip with friends who you don’t spend a lot of time with otherwise, the peace and privacy of a villa gives you the perfect place to enjoy socialising with them more during your trip, rather than being confined to different hotel rooms. The majority of villas will have more than enough space for everyone to get together and socialise, whether it’s beside the pool with cocktails or watching a movie in the lounge.

#6. Get Off the Beaten Path:

Lastly, if you want a vacation away from the main strip and crowds of tourists, staying in a villa will be the perfect choice. Many villas are situated in quieter, less crowded locations, such as these Paros Villas from BlueVillas located on a tranquil Greek island known for its stunning beaches and quaint villages. On the BlueVillas website, you can also filter your search to find a more secluded location if you wish. With more and more people realising that there’s so much more to travel than just sticking to the touristy areas, it’s no surprise that villas are becoming an increasingly more popular accommodation option. Staying in a villa will allow you to go further into the heart of a country and enjoy a more authentic experience.

Whether you’re traveling as a couple, with your family, or in a group of friends, choosing the perfect accommodation is always a tricky step when planning a dream vacation. For your next trip, why not skip the hotels and enjoy all the benefits of staying in a luxury villa instead?

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