SEO business: Strategies on how to build backlinks

computerA backlink is any link to a blog, article, web page, etc. placed on a different blog, article, web page, etc. For instance, if you put the URL of your blog within a comment or a forum, you are basically creating a backlink of your blog on that particular thread. High quality backlinks work by capturing the attention of Google’s automated processes. This is what makes your site rank better in relevant, organic search results.

The more backlinks you have, the higher your site will rank. The closer your website is to the first position in the search engines, the more revenue you can make. These are just facts of internet marketing life and this post will highlight the strategies that will help you build backlinks.

Link Exchange

If you have a problem ranking higher then this article on homepage SEO from SEOJet explains how you can make your way out of this predicament. But one thing that’s evident is that Link Exchanges have been around for many years. Numerous programs have been designed to spurt out emails that ask for link exchanges. This strategy is quite straight forward—a link exchange is when a webmaster requests a backlink from your website in exchange of a backlink from their site.

Article Marketing

Article websites can make a difference. They will publish unique articles you have written and in turn give you self-serving links in the author’s resource box. This is a great strategy to build links as it has a higher chance of going viral. If you have a compelling article, people will blog and use it elsewhere increasing the number of links that will be obtained from the same article.


Blogging is a common strategy for building backlinks as it is quite effective. The idea is to start your own blog and make sure it is always updated. It is also important that you create compelling and interesting content. With time, a blog will get a life of its own and earn Page Rank. So it will ultimately allow you to create backlinks to your own website.

Social Bookmarks

There are social bookmarking websites that will basically allow you to bookmark pages on the internet that you are interested in. If you intend to use this strategy, you need to understand that social bookmarks are public. So the more people that bookmark your site, the more popular it will become and the higher you will be ranked.

Press Releases

The online press release is the other strategy you can use to build backlinks. You will need something newsworthy to write. Write something of interest about your business then use the keywords you want to optimize for as you link your site in the press release. You will then submit it to a news release distribution service then wait for the press attention.There are various websites out there that will allow you to submit press releases with links attached to them.

With that said you need to remember that the best method to create backlinks naturally is to create link worthy content. You can have a free game or e-book if you can. But just like any other marketing campaign, the above strategies need to be well-planned. So you can do your research first then develop a plan that works for your business, industry and your schedule. With the above-mentioned strategies, you stand a chance of ranking better in search engines.

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