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Robert Hurt votes to allow Americans to keep their healthcare plans

Robert_HurtCongressman Robert Hurt’s (R-Virginia) released the following statement after voting in favor of H.R. 3522, the Employee Healthcare Protection Act of 2014, which would allow health insurance plans that were on the group market during the 2013 year be offered through 2018.

“The President promised the American people repeatedly that if they liked their healthcare plan, they could keep it once his signature health care law was implemented.  Despite his word, millions of Americans lost their plans, and a NBC 29 news report yesterday indicated that 250,000 more Virginians will have their plans cancelled this fall due to the President’s healthcare law. They, too, will be forced to obtain more expensive plans that, in many cases, do not allow them to see their own doctor.  This bill takes an important step in repairing the President’s broken promises and ensures that many of the hardworking Americans who were assured they would be able to keep their plans can in fact do so.  I was pleased to see this bill pass the House with bipartisan support, and I remain committed to continuing to fight to protect Americans from the harmful effects of the President’s healthcare law.”