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Richmond-based TMI Consulting Inc. has new CEO

TMI ConsultingTMI Consulting, Inc. has a new chief executive officer – Laura Bowser. Founder Dr. Tiffany Jana has passed on the CEO title, but remains CEO of the parent company TMI Portfolio and CEO of Loom Technologies, the other company under the TMI Portfolio banner.

“Laura is absolutely brilliant, and I am thrilled to have her at the helm of TMI Consulting, Inc.” says Dr. Jana. “Loom has been under development for a couple of years. Laura has been transitioning into TMI’s CEO role for the past year as my role at Loom expanded. Now that our flagship diversity software product is in market beta, my time has to be spent with clients. I will still work with TMI clients at the executive strategy level and those using Loom products as the two companies collaborate on client engagements through tech and strategy. I will also guide strategic direction of Loom and help it grow as a startup.”

Bowser has been with TMI for five years, working up from operations manager, to operations director, then chief operating officer.

In her new role, she will guide the strategic direction of TMI Consulting, Inc. and provide executive level support for clients.

“I see a great opportunity to build on the existing foundation and create more efficient systems and strategies to maximize impact,” says Bowser. “Tiffany is a visionary who created an organization with quantifiable community impact. I approach things from a much more operational and analytical level. Now I will focus on growing TMI Consulting, increasing our global relevance, and ensuring our clients receive the best diversity, equity and inclusion innovations on the market.”

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