Progress is on the Ballot: Clinton pledging to build on Obama legacy

hillary clintonWith just 100 days left in Obama administration, Hillary For America has released a new video, “Progress is on the Ballot” celebrating the progress the country has made under President Barack Obama, and how on January 20, 2017, we must have a president who build on this progress to help families get ahead and stay ahead.

In the video, President Obama praises Hillary Clinton as the only candidate who has the plans to continue moving our country forward and has what it takes to be our president.

“By so many measures our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was eight years ago.  We know the progress we’ve made despite the forces of opposition, despite for forces of discrimination, despite the politics of backlash.  That doesn’t stop with my presidency, we’re just getting started.  That’s why I am still fired up,” said President Obama.


Progress is on the Ballot

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