Polling fun: What makes a good Thanksgiving dinner?

thanksgivingWe’re still two months out from the first votes being cast for the presidential nomination, so with Thanksgiving upon us, it makes sense to put our pollsters to work asking the real important question of the day: what’s for dinner?

Obviously, turkey, but what about the sides. There’s where the rubber hits the road, according to the folks at Public Policy Polling.

Mashed potatoes beat sweet potatoes by a 55-34 margin, and the sweet potatoes people aren’t big on the marshmallows, by a 54-30 gap saying leave ‘em out.

So there’s one for you. Macaroni and cheese: very popular, with a 59-27 majority approving of its addition to the dinner table. Of interest: more than 70 percent of those under 45 approve, but seniors only support mac and cheese with a 49 percent plurality.

Cranberry sauce is another generational divide. Seniors love it (80-17 net favorable), but the young folks, not so much (a 42-48 net negative).

Stuffing beats dressing by a 51-34 margin, and the agreement on that point goes across party lines, with Democrats split 51-37, Republicans at 50-36, and independents at 49-27.

What’s for dessert? Pumpkin pie leads, but it’s kind of like the crowded Republican presidential field here. Pumpkin pie is the Donald Trump here, with 27 percent, with apple and pecan pie in the roles of Ben Carson and Marco Rubio, tied at 17 percent. The Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush roles are played by sweet potato pie and chocolate pie, at 6 percent each, with blueberry and cherry pie reprising their inner Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul at 5 percent.

– Story by Chris Graham

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