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WWE Battleground Review: Plot twists, and the plot thickens


WWE_Battleground_2015_Official_PosterIf you thought you knew going in what was going to happen at WWE Battleground, yeah, you were off, way off. Which is good for WWE fans, who had clearly been getting bored with the product of late, to the point that ratings had been to long-time lows for both Monday Night Raw and Smackdown.

The ratings seemed to portend change at the top of the pecking order, meaning an end to the WWE championship reign of Seth Rollins, who had to face The Beast, Brock Lesnar, in the main event rematch for the WWE title.

And Lesnar dominated the one-on-one match as advertised, taking Rollins on a lengthy tour of Suplex City, with Rollins getting minimal offense in response.

Just as Lesnar was about to close out the expected win for the WWE title with his F-5 finisher, though, the lights dimmed, and the theme song of The Undertaker hit.

A chill in the air, and down the spines of fans, came next as ‘Taker stood face to face with Lesnar in the ring. The infamous one in 21-1 looked across the ring aghast, and then fell prey to a beatdown from the Deadman, taking a chokeslam and two tombstone piledrivers as the match with Rollins played out to a no-contest.

Undertaker is being advertised for the Aug. 23 SummerSlam live WWE Network event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and it’s probably safe to presume that his opponent will be Lesnar.

Which means the Rollins WWE title reign not only survives Battleground, but now we have to figure who his next opponent will be. It hadn’t seemed like Rollins would have a future at the top of the card after Battleground, so it’s a good question as to what is next for the champ.

Probably won’t be Roman Reigns, who lost to Bray Wyatt at Battleground. Shouldn’t be John Cena, who won his U.S. title match with Kevin Owens, and thus still has his own title to defend.

A Randy Orton redux makes no sense, since what had promised to be a good feud between those two post-WrestleMania 31 was cut short with Rollins getting the decisive advantage in the end.

So it’s hard to say what’s next for Rollins, and really everybody else on the card.

This is a good thing for WWE fans. Hey, you can’t say you know where it’s going from here, meaning you have to tune in to see, right?

– Review by Chris Graham



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