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Would you believe, another POTUS squirreling away classified documents?

Chris Graham
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Donald Trump is trying to use the discovery of not one, but now two, batches of classified documents from Joe Biden’s time as vice president as both exculpatory for him and disqualifying for his political rival.

The discoveries are neither for Trump, but they are troubling for Biden.

Same as Trump can’t have it both ways, neither can Biden.

And we can argue the semantics of how both were discovered, who did and didn’t report what they found and when, and various and sundry other matters, but the fact is, we need to treat both cases involving both men equally seriously.

Biden has been mum on the news involving the discoveries of documents from his days as Barack Obama’s VP, taking a different approach from that favored by Trump, who prefers to make investigations into his misdeeds and wrongdoings into so many witch hunts.

He’d be well advised to shut his pie hole on this one, in particular, because the more he wants to make a federal case against Sleepy Joe, the deeper gets the hole that he’s going to need to dig himself out of.

But anyway, enough free PR advice for Donald Trump, who doesn’t take good advice, preferring to go by his sizable gut.

Biden is going to need to get out in front of this one on his side, because as bad as the revelations were for Trump last summer, it could end up getting that bad for the POTUS.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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