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Wolf speaks out on deficit-spending deal


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10th District Congressman Frank Wolf today spoke three times on the House floor in opposition to a backroom deal between the Obama administration and Democratic Party leadership in Congress to create by executive order a commission to address out-of-control federal spending.

Wolf, who has been advocating for what he calls the SAFE Commission – short for Securing America’s Future Economy – since the spring of 2006 to get our nation’s fiscal house in order, believes any commission dealing with federal spending must be created by Congress and have a requirement the panel’s recommendations be voted up or down. The deal cut by the president and the Democrat leadership would not require Congress to act.

Under the SAFE Commission proposed by Wolf, and supported by more than 100 members in the House, everything is on the table for discussion. Wolf’s legislation also calls for a series of town hall meetings across the country to ensure the American people are involved in the process. The president’s plan exempts annual discretionary spending, which Wolf pointed out accounted for more than 33 percent of federal spending in 2009. It also does not call for public hearings.

“A deficit reduction commission that is barred from looking at over 1/3 of the federal budget is a fig leaf,” Wolf said.

Wolf spoke when the House first went into session for the day, midday during the debate on the rule for an unrelated bill coming before the House and again at the end of the legislative day when Members of Congress are permitted to discuss any topic.




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