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student debt warner kaine

Virginia college students discuss student debt with Sens. Warner, Kaine

Student leaders from 20 Virginia colleges traveled to Capitol Hill to discuss tthe impact of rising student loan obligations.

robert hurt

Robert Hurt: The proof is in the numbers

Since coming to Washington, I have continually fought to get our fiscal house in order and restore common sense to our budgetary policy. While we remain mired in over $18 trillion in debt, we have managed to reverse course over the last five years and have made some progress toward fiscal responsibility.

president obama

President Obama: Can’t cut our way to prosperity

President Obama told reporters on Friday that he will not sign another stopgap spending bill to keep the federal government running in 10 weeks, raising the stakes on congressional Republicans to put an end to internal in-fighting over funding for Planned Parenthood and other budget priorities.

Sens. Warner, Kaine announce federal grants for police body cameras

U.S. Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine (both D-Va.) announced today that the U.S. Department of Justice has awarded nearly $500,000 in federal grants to five Virginia localities, including Waynesboro, to purchase law enforcement body cameras.

tim kaine

Tim Kaine pushes back on Iran deal

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine reiterated his support Wednesday for the Iran nuclear deal while pushing back on Republican claims that the standard 60-vote threshold is unnecessary on a resolution of disapproval against the deal.

The demand for transparency on trade negotiation: What the public needs to know about the TPP

The President’s pledge issued on his first day of office to usher in a “new era of openness” stands in stark contrast to his Administration’s secretive approach to trade negotiations.

united way of greater augusta

United Way of Greater Augusta CEO advocates for working families on Capitol Hill

Cynthia Pritchard, the CEO of United Way of Greater Augusta, met with staff from the offices of Virginia’s senators and Congress in Washington, D.C. on March 3 to help working families who may be struggling to make ends meet in the Shenandoah Valley.

Frank Clemente: Black Friday Blues

Shoppers will be lining up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday for spectacular deals. What they don’t know is that the best bargains have already been taken – not by other shoppers, but by some of America’s largest corporations.

Riding the wave: Pressure is on Republicans, not Obama

The pundits have declared President Obama a lame duck in light of the wave that swept Republicans into power in the U.S. Senate this week.

Goodlatte: Convenient constitutional conservative

You may hear the term Constitutional Conservative often lately, whether it is in discussions with friends and family or listening to a campaign ad. There are some genuine Constitutional Conservatives in office, like Rep. Justin Amash (MI).

Bob Goodlatte was better from the back bench

Republican Bob Goodlatte, mocked by the left in Virginia for his promise in his first congressional campaign in 1992 to limit himself to six terms, which he will double with his inevitable victory this November, is showing us why it’s best to cycle through our elected representatives every so often.

tim kaine

Kaine hosts briefing with chief of Palestinian delegation in Washington

Today, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South and Central Asian Affairs, hosted a Senate briefing with Chief Representative of the Palestinian Delegation in Washington Maen Areikat to discuss the ongoing situation in Gaza and the West Bank.

President Obama signs Senator Warner’s bipartisan DATA Act into law

President Obama on Friday signed U.S. Sen. Mark Warner’s (D-Va.) bipartisan legislation to standardize federal spending data and post it on a single website so Virginians can track how their tax dollars are being spent.

You pay taxes: Why doesn’t General Electric?

You pay your fair share of taxes. Small businesses do too. It’s the price we pay to educate our kids, protect our communities and have some security in retirement. Why shouldn’t some of America’s largest corporations pay their fair share too?

Irish lobby to GOP: Let us back in

The Irish-American community knows all too well about the devastating impact of restrictive immigration laws, and they’re ready to make their voices heard loud and clear.

Warner blasts Obama administration’s proposed edits to the DATA Act

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner raised concerns today about the Obama administration’s proposed changes to the bipartisan Digital Accountability and Transparency Act – also known as the DATA Act.

mark warner

Sen. Mark Warner applauds House passage of DATA Act

U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) released the following statement today applauding House passage of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA). “Transparency is critical to our democracy – especially for a federal government that spends more than $3.7 trillion each year,” Sen. Warner said.

The buzz of breakthrough in talks with Tehran

There was excitement as journalists buzzed about the press center seeking leads to a “breakthrough” outside nuclear talks between Iran and the major powers.

Chris Graham: Thanks, Filibuster!

Republicans have found a handy tool – the filibuster – in their ongoing battle to kneecap Barack Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s the good news. The bad news – well, good luck to the GOP when it gets the keys to the White House and majorities in Congress back. “With little time left in this […]

Wolf speaks out on deficit-spending deal

   Staff Report News tips: freepress2@ntelos.net 10th District Congressman Frank Wolf today spoke three times on the House floor in opposition to a backroom deal between the Obama administration and Democratic Party leadership in Congress to create by executive order a commission to address out-of-control federal spending. Wolf, who has been advocating for what he […]

What should it do?

   Column by David Reynolds Submit guest columns: freepress2@ntelos.net That’s the multi-trillion-dollar question. It is that big a question because it is one that requires all of us to answer. Yet it is directed to only one segment of our economy, the one with an obesity problem. The “it,” of course, is government. What should […]

Health-care reform: The local impact

Augusta Health CEO keeps tabs on latest developments Story by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net Augusta Health CEO Mary Mannix had with her a stack of memos marked up in yellow highlighter and red ink. The situation: that day’s developments on Capitol Hill relative to health-care reform. “The timing, the sequencing and the process in all of […]

Government Inc. leads to red ink for small business

   Column by Bob Goodlatte www.goodlatte.house.gov Four years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in the now-notorious case of Kelo v. City of New London, which authorized the government to take private property from individuals for nearly any reason under the guise of eminent domain, even to give to other private individuals […]

The Rant | Power to the people

   Video Essay by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net It’s Democrats now being all righteously indignant over the threat of filibuster that Joe Lieberman is using to get his way on health-care reform. Republicans were pretty indignant a couple of years back when it was Democrats using the threat of filibuster to try to influence judicial appointments. […]

Stimulus needs better reporting

   Column by Greg LeRoy Submit guest columns, letters: freepress2@ntelos.net Aside from health-care reform, probably the most divisive issue in Washington today is the $787 billion economic stimulus program. One camp argues that the Recovery Act has done a good job in preventing the country from plunging into a more serious crisis than the one […]