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Top 10 undergraduate business schools in U.S.


businessBusiness-related jobs are becoming more and more prestigious with each passing year. Today, business education is valued as never before. Lots of universities offer business schools and graduate bachelors and even masters in such fields as finance, business management, analytics, economics, etc.

A business degree is a universal education that can be used in various fields. This is the foundation of a successful career. An undergraduate degree in business provides general understanding of business. After that, students are welcome to dive deeper into a certain area of their choosing.

The life of students is always filled with student services about their future and what job to pursue. But students of business schools can clearly see their future and the variety of opportunities they can get. Among the most popular job choices are an accountant, auditor, financial manager, executive, public relations manager, HR, and so on. The array of specializations and jobs in this sphere is larger than most people imagine.

Besides, getting a degree in business ensures a high-paying job even for graduates. According to statistics, business majors are the highest-paid non-science degrees.

Most business schools offer unique curriculums with flexible schedules and many practical classes where students can discuss their own small business ideas and even implement them. Many schools require a business project at the end of studies to see how their future graduates manage on their own.

When arranging the list of the best undergraduate business schools, we’ve taken into account such qualities as graduation rates, curriculum intensity, reputation (both of the school and its faculty), innovative programming, satisfaction among students and alumni, and, finally, the rates of getting a job after graduation. In the end, we have found the best schools of 2018.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Sloan School of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is indisputably the leader of the top 10 business schools in the U.S. Studying at MIT is a golden dream of every high-school student. That’s why young people begin their preparation for MIT admissions in advance. Getting to MIT is incredibly hard—only 8.3% of applicants pass all tests. Such an incredibly low acceptance rate makes MIT enrollment an achievement.

The Sloan school includes such majors as business analytics, finance, and management. It provides the most effective education focused on small groups and an individual approach.

University of North Carolina

This school is a hit on every feature such an establishment must have. This is a constant member of all undergraduate business school rankings. It’s appreciated by students and employers. This is a place where every ambitious business-oriented entrant would like to study. This is a great opportunity to finish the program that is meant only for top performers.

Unfortunately, such great ratings and recognition mean that it’s incredibly hard to get admitted there. Only 1 out of 10 applicants pass complex examination and get the privilege to spend the next 5 years in one of the best business schools in the country.

University of California (Berkeley)

There’s hardly a person in the USA who doesn’t know about Berkeley. Its Haas School of Business has an undergraduate degree in business administration with a variety of elective courses on more advanced topics. Also, the inclusion of six concentrations allows students to further specialize in a certain aspect of business. In addition to business administration, Haas offers accounting, finance, business communication, marketing, and organizational behavior. International business is one of the top priorities of the school. It includes spending one semester abroad and excellent skills in a second language.

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara is proud to have the best location for a business school—in the heart of Silicon Valley. Though many people expect to see a tech-heavy curriculum and lots of coding, this school isn’t about that. Leavey is all about practice and it encourages startups of all students. Leavey is one of the few places that can show almost perfect numbers in terms of alumni employment. Among those students graduating in 2016, 93% got a respectable job in the summer with an average salary of $66,770.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania has a notable Wharton School of Business that is a part of Ivy League. There’s nothing more desirable than becoming a student of the League. It automatically opens many doors in the professional sphere for an alumni. The admission process is highly competitive even more than in the best finance schools on the list.

The students who are lucky to get accepted graduate with a degree of a Bachelor of Science in Economics. In this establishment, such concentrations and degrees are offered: environmental policy and management, global analysis, multinational management, legal studies and business ethics, business economics and public policy.

University of Michigan

The Ross School of Business by the University of Michigan offers a Bachelor of Business Administration using the MERGE curriculum. This is the unique schedule created specifically for the school and by its faculty. Overall, the program covers three years of intense studies, after which graduates are free to pursue their own interests in business. At the end of the third year, all students are required to present the capstone project results that later become the essential part of their resumes.

The College of William and Mary

Mason is a unique place that differs from all other business schools. It seems to be more progressive and trusting. Students at Mason are free to spend their time the way they want to. Some curriculum basics are kept intact, but, most of the time, students get a free reign of their studies.

Such learning model requires only the most ambitious and serious students who know exactly what they are doing. That’s why only 18 percent of applicants are accepted. The school is famous for its Simulation practice that teaches students how to start and maintain business in real life. During the week of this business class, students launch their “companies” and work in tiny groups of 4-5 members to compete with each other.

University of Richmond

The Robins Business School of the University of Richmond is gradually getting closer to the top establishments of the country. With each passing year, its methods and practices gain more popularity and bring it closer to business giants. While most business schools are focused on logistics and financing, Robins takes a different approach and shifts the focus to synthesis, analysis, communication, and problem-solving.

The school has every feature a student may need. The financial aid averages about $39,000, the SAT scores—1410. The most amazing part of Robins is the rate of employment of its alumni. Almost all students of the school find jobs within the period of 90 days after graduation. That’s a perfect score.

Cornell University

Cornell Business is a school with plenty of majors, unlike some previous establishments. In general, the school is all about diversity that touches not only majors but also its faculty and students. Cornell constantly offers case competitions and encourages youth to share their ideas and examine their implementation. It prepares students for any career choices and values of all spheres of all industries. While becoming a Cornell student may be easier than at some other schools on the list, the results of this education are great.

IE Business School

IE offers an innovative teaching methodology and programs that all other business schools are missing out on. The technology-based learning ecosystem combines the best practices of the leading universities of the country and brings them to a new level. The company values an entrepreneurial mindset and includes humanities as an essential tool to understand the world. This place also supports diversity and is proud to enrich their studies with students from all over the world.

The IE faculty is a perfect combination of notable professors and practicing professionals who provide a comprehensive education and uncover various sides of business. Its students are always tuned to the latest trends and technological tools.

The number of high-quality business schools in the USA impresses. There are various options for young ambitious students, from the simple local schools to the members of the Ivy League with an incredibly low acceptance rate.

Speaking of the business school alumni, the students of the most prestigious schools of the country are guaranteed a good position right after graduation. The high level of education of these 10 schools means that employers treasure their students and know that they are capable for sure.

Unfortunately, there’s always a problem of low acceptance rates in such worldwide known establishments. However, we truly believe that once a student gets through such tough competition, they are ready for everything and have already proven their determination. This is a kind of challenge that opens many doors.

When choosing an undergraduate business school, pay attention to such factors as financial aid and flexibility of the curriculum to make sure that the school cares for its students.

In search of a rewarding career, a business degree is everything you need.



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