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Sarvis: My place in Senate race makes it more competitive


robert sarvisToday, in response to Roanoke College’s just-released July poll of registered Virginia voters, Libertarian U.S. Senate Candidate Robert Sarvis released the following statement:

“The only polls showing Mark Warner below 50 percent are those that include me. My inclusion in the campaign makes the race more competitive. A majority of Virginia voters are open to voting against Mark Warner if they have a better choice.

Mark Warner has gotten by on his increasingly undeserved reputation as a ‘radical centrist’ for too long, but that will change as I expose to voters his record supporting mass government surveillance, economic cronyism, and partisanship.

“This latest poll also shows that Virginia voters just don’t know enough about Republican Ed Gillespie to view him as a meaningful alternative. The more they know about his career as a Washington insider and lobbyist, the less they will trust him to be that alternative.

“Virginians are increasingly pessimistic about our country, and 68 percent say our country is on the wrong track. Make no mistake, a vote for Mark Warner or Ed Gillespie is a vote to keep us on the wrong track.

“Unfortunately, Virginians won’t be exposed to a real alternative at this Saturday’s debate. Voters deserve a meaningful, substantive debate among all the candidates on the ballot, and that’s what I would give them.”



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