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Robert Sarvis on the debate: ‘A complete farce’


You can forgive Robert Sarvis for being a bit bitter. Sarvis is on the ballot for governor as the Libertarian Party nominee, he’s polling 10 percent or above in most polls, and yet he was strong-armed out of a slot in the final gubernatorial debate of the 2013 election cycle because, well, because he’s not a Democrat or Republican.

robert sarvisSarvis, of course, was watching, unlike most of you.

His assessment: “The debate didn’t offer much value for voters. This is what two men without ideas or depth look like.”

Now the question is, how much of Sarvis’ 10 percent might peel off to either Democrat Terry McAuliffe or Republican Ken Cuccinelli, or … can Sarvis continue building his base and play even more of a spoiler role?

It’s hard to imagine him catching lightning in a bottle and winning the thing.

One reason for that is how Sarvis has been treated as an interloper in the race at just about every step.

“We’ve allowed our political system to become closed off from competition and good ideas, by letting the major-party candidates choose the terms of debate and exclude candidates like me,” Sarvis said.

“It’s long past tragedy. It’s become a complete farce.”



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