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mark obenshain

Mark Obenshain not running for governor in 2017

Mark Obenshain isn’t “going anywhere,” but he’s also not running for governor. The Harrisonburg state senator confirmed via Twitter reports from earlier in the day on Monday that he will not be running for governor in 2017.

Chris Graham: Anti-government zealots on the public dole

Ken Cuccinelli loves quoting Ronald Reagan. Well, Ken, Ronald Reagan would say that you’re part of the problem, because you’re from the government, and you’re here to help.

Robert Sarvis on the debate: ‘A complete farce’

You can forgive Robert Sarvis for being a bit bitter. Sarvis is on the ballot for governor as the Libertarian Party nominee, he’s polling 10 percent or above in most polls, and yet he was strong-armed out of a slot in the final gubernatorial debate of the 2013 election cycle because, well, because he’s not a Democrat or Republican.

Chris Graham: Remove senior assistant AG from board advisory role

Terry McAuliffe made a public request of Republican rival Ken Cuccinelli to remove Senior Assistant Attorney General Sharon Pigeon from her position as an advisor to the state Oil and Gas Board

Cuccinelli undervalued stay at mansion on report

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli appears to have undervalued the cost of his stay at a Goochland County mansion owned by Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams on his Statement of Economic Interests reports to the state.

Cuccinelli, McAuliffe campaigns respond to IG report

The Cuccinelli for Governor campaign released the following statement regarding the Inspector General report that a senior assistant to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli “inappropriately used Commonwealth resources to support” private litigation filed against two energy companies by Southwest Virginia residents for allegedly cheating them out of royalty payments for natural gas drilled on their land.

Politics Notebook: Watch what you say!

The Terry McAuliffe gubernatorial campaign released a statement from former Republican State Del. Katherine Waddell on remarks made by Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli last year at a forum suggesting that the U.S. will suffer God’s judgment over abortion.

Inspector general report finds assistant AG went too far in aiding energy companies

A senior assistant to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli “inappropriately used Commonwealth resources to support” private litigation filed against two energy companies by Southwest Virginia residents for allegedly cheating them out of royalty payments for natural gas drilled on their land.

Poll: Shutdown boosts McAuliffe in governor’s race

A new Politico poll has Democrat Terry McAuliffe ahead of Republican Ken Cuccinelli by nine points in the Virginia governor’s race, and suggests that the growing lead is the result of voter backlash against the GOP for the ongoing federal government shutdown.

Sarvis for #VAGov statement on federal government shutdown

The government shutdown is further proof of the extreme dysfunction we’ve come to expect from Republicans and Democrats.

Fairfax Chamber PAC endorses Democratic ticket in state races

The Northern Virginia Business Political Action Committee (NOVABizPAC), the political action committee of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce (Fairfax Chamber), announced its endorsements for Virginia’s statewide races on Thursday.

New DPVA video: Cuccinelli can’t run from his agenda

The Democratic Party of Virginia released a new web video today featuring Ken Cuccinelli’s emerging habit of storming away from media gaggles when asked to explain his career of putting his extreme agenda ahead of Virginia families.

McAuliffe launches plan to protect Virginia’s natural resources

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe launched his platform to protect Virginia’s environment and natural resources to ensure continued economic growth in Virginia on Thursday.

McAuliffe launches biotech and innovation policy

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe launched his Biotech and Innovation policy Monday, which will encourage the growth of new innovative biotechnology and biomedical companies in the Commonwealth and make it easier for Virginia’s researchers to bring their technologies to market.

Cuccinelli unveils K-12 education plan

Ken Cuccinelli today unveiled his K-12 Education Plan: Putting Our Kids First at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School in Richmond.

Ken Cuccinelli: ObamaCare’s latest broken promise

What was supposed to be President Obama’s signature legislative achievement has become an astonishing failure. The most recent delay, involving a component of the law that was supposed to cap how much consumers would have to spend on their own insurance, is just the latest in a seemingly endless string of blunders.

bill bolling

Analysis: Bolling will have to make decision on incomplete data

Another poll, this one from Quinnipiac, has Bill Bolling in the low teens in a possible three-way gubernatorial race with Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

bill bolling

Bolling backs proposed expansion of Virginia Medicaid program

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling issued a comprehensive letter to legislative leaders outlining his support for moving forward with the proposed expansion of Virginia’s Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act, subject to the ability of the Commonwealth to negotiate acceptable waivers from the federal government to effectively reform Medicaid.

bill bolling

Will Bill Bolling run for governor as an independent?

At first glance, the numbers don’t seem to add up. Polling released earlier this month has Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling sitting in the mid-teens among Virginia voters in a hypothetical three-way race for governor if Bolling were to run as an independent against Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli, and mid-teens is nowhere near where you’d like to be in a three-way race, since at the least you’d need to be in the mid-30s to win a three-way.

bill bolling

Chris Graham: Don’t see Bolling running for governor

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling seems to be suggesting in recent interviews that he’s giving serious consideration to mounting an independent run for governor in November. You’re hearing it here first. It’s not going to happen.

Charniele Herring: Cuccinelli would be a good governor for Santorum, not Virginia

Democratic Party of Virginia Chair Charniele Herring released the following statement on Friday responding to former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum’s endorsement of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for governor:

Chris Graham: Weak spots for McAuliffe, Cuccinelli

Both Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli have what they want … sorta, kinda. McAuliffe, the presumptive Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee, and Cuccinelli, the presumptive Republican nominee, have clear paths at the 2013 general election. The possibility that Bill Bolling, the sitting Republican lieutenant governor, will enter the race as an independent is still out there, but not likely.