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tom perriello

Perriello announces Inclusive Virginia coalition

The Perriello campaign is announcing its Inclusive Virginia coalition – a group of more than 30 immigrant and constituency leaders.

tom perriello

Perriello proposes pharmacist, clinician prescribed contraception

Tom Perriello unveiled a new policy proposal on Monday aimed at reforming regulations currently governing women’s access to birth control.

ralph northam

Northam campaign adds Northern Virginia, Roanoke, Charlottesville to TV ad buy

The Northam campaign will begin airing two ads in Northern Virginia, entitled “Listening” and “Principles.”

tom perriello

Perriello releasing healthcare TV ad next week

Tom Perriello, Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, is releasing a new TV ad vowing to protect Virginians from the agenda of President Trump.

tom perriello

Building trade associations endorse Tom Perriello for governor

The Hampton Roads Building and Construction Trades Council and the Richmond Building Trades Council are endorsing Tom Perriello in the Democratic primary for governor.

tom perriello

Tom Perriello releases tax reform plan

Tom Perriello has released a tax reform proposal that gives the middle class a tax cut and funds a working families agenda.

ralph northam

Northam slams Trump administration move to expand offshore drilling off Virginia coast

The Trump administration confirmed it is moving to expand offshore drilling by undoing President Obama’s December executive order.

tom perriello

Local school board members endorse Tom Perriello for governor

Seven school board members from across Virginia are endorsing Tom Perriello ahead of the June 13 Democratic primary for Virginia governor.

ralph northam

Northam campaign announces Rural Virginia endorsements

The Northam for Governor campaign announced the endorsements of local leaders from across the Commonwealth’s rural communities.

Ghazala, Khizr Khan endorse Tom Perriello for governor

Virginia Gold Star Parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan are endorsing Tom Perriello for governor, ahead of the June 13 Democratic primary in Virginia.

tom perriello

Friends of Augusta endorses Tom Perriello for governor

Friends of Augusta, a local pipeline opposition group, is formally endorsing Tom Perriello for governor.

ralph northam

Northam campaign announces Women for Northam coalition

Today, the Northam for Governor campaign announced the launch of Women for Northam.

Grassroots Bluefest to benefit Perriello, Lynn

Democratic candidates Tom Perriello and Angela Lynn are hosting Grassroots Bluefest, a festival featuring music for progressives.

tom perriello

Perriello would propose constitutional amendment to protect woman’s right to choose

Tom Perriello would propose in his first legislative session as governor a constitutional amendment to guarantee a woman’s right to choose.

Quinnipiac: Perriello leads Dem race, both Ds lead Rs in early look at November

Tom Perriello has a slight lead on Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam in the race for the Democratic Party nomination for governor.

ralph northam

Northam campaign highlights support from Women’s March organizer

The Ralph Northam for Governor campaign released “Leslie,” a video featuring Leslie Cramer, an organizer of the Roanoke Women’s March.

bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders endorses Tom Perriello for Virginia governor

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont endorsed Tom Perriello today in the Virginia governor’s race.

tom perriello

Perriello campaign to mobilize for day of Medicaid action

Tom Perriello’s campaign for governor will shift its field resources to pressuring Republicans to support Medicaid expansion.

ralph northam

Ralph Northam: Planting seeds in 2017 Virginia governor race

The world has changed since Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam was the first to throw his hat into the ring for the 2017 Virginia governor race.

tom perriello

Tom Perriello submits ballot petitions for Democratic Party primary

Tom Perriello submitted 21,773 petition signatures to qualify as a candidate in the June 13 Democratic primary election.

tom perriello

Thirty former Obama aides endorse Tom Perriello

In a new letter, 30 former officials from President Barack Obama’s administration and campaigns announced their support for Tom Perriello.

tom perriello

Tom Perriello to host live Reddit AMA

Tom Perriello, Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, will host a live Reddit AMA session today.

ralph northam

Ralph Northam on Trump, Gillespie budget, tax plans

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam comments on President Trump’s budget and the Ed Gillespie tax plan, both released today.