Home Report: Romney budget would cut Virginia Medicaid spending $52.2B

Report: Romney budget would cut Virginia Medicaid spending $52.2B


A new Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of the House Budget Plan that was passed in 2012 that closely resembles Romney’s endorsed plan found that repealing the Affordable Care Act and converting Medicaid into a dangerous block grant would cut Virginia’s Medicaid spending by $52.2 billion between 2013 and 2022 – a whopping 22 percent of the current Medicaid spending.

As many as 352,000 Virginians would no longer be eligible to enroll in Medicaid under this Romney/Ryan plan, and state hospitals and nursing homes would see payments fall by $24.7 billion.

The reductions in Medicaid spending would likely lead to increases in the number of Americans without health insurance and would put additional strain on state budgets.

Across the country, the Romney/Ryan plan would reduce Medicaid funding by $1.7 trillion, with hospitals and nursing homes seeing payments fall by hundreds of billions of dollars. Romney’s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and its Medicaid expansion means that 17 million Americans who are currently enrolled in Medicaid would lose that coverage.

The Affordable Care Act provides additional funding to states to expand their Medicaid programs and provides health care coverage to millions more Americans.



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