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President Rick Perry? It’s still too early to pick a Republican nominee based on polls

Do you remember who had the lead in the Republican presidential race four years ago this week? Of course you don’t, because you know it doesn’t matter who is ahead in the odd-year September.

Mitt Romney proceeds to fulfill the definition of insanity

On Friday, Mitt Romney finally told the truth about his interest in a third presidential run to a room full of Republican donors, as if he hadn’t planned for this all along.

Andy Schmookler: White privilege and the Right’s urge to kick down

What could explain the impulse to kick down shown by the likes of Bill “What White Privilege?” O’Reilly, nor by the rich men with whom Mitt Romney sought to ingratiate himself with his “47%” comment?

Tricia Erickson: Is Romney using a familiar strategy to garner support for another run?

Mitt Romney has been very busy traversing the states, playing out the same strategy of raising money for midterm candidates that he effected running up to his 2012 Presidential run.

Ethics complaint filed against Barbara Comstock for disclosure violation

The American Democracy Legal Fund (ADLF) has filed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics against Barbara Comstock, candidate for Virginia’s 10th Congressional district.

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The sad fall of Bob McDonnell

As recently as last week, former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell was talking with reporters covering his corruption trial about perhaps running for governor again in 2017, and it wasn’t hard for at least GOP partisans to imagine that being within the realm of possibility.

Ed Gillespie: His ObamaCare problem

Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie wrote in his 2006 memoir in support of a federal healthcare mandate, and worked as a lobbyist for a firm that was advocating market-based reforms of the nation’s healthcare system.

Chris Graham: The Top Five Presidential “Gaffes” That Groupon Passed On

A Groupon Presidents’ Day press release touting a special taking $10 off all $40 local deals purchased through Groupon in honor of President Alexander Hamilton may have been an intentional gaffe aimed at creating a viral buzz.

Chris Graham: “Duck Dynasty” star suspension get us talking … about “Duck Dynasty”

Reality shows have a quick shelf life. (Long live “The Osbournes,” right?) Not that “Duck Dynasty” was necessarily nearing the end of its shelf life, but you had to be wondering if the show was approaching the shark, if it hadn’t already jumped it and stuck the landing.

Chris Graham: Where do Republicans go from here?

You’re in the moderate wing of the Republican Party. (You’re tired of being called a RINO.) You point to Ken Cuccinelli’s loss in the 2013 Virginia governor race and say, See, told ya so. Cuccinelli was too conservative to get elected in a state like Virginia.

President Obama defends Affordable Care Act at Boston event

President Barack Obama defended the rollout of the Affordable Care Act at an event in Boston on Wednesday with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. Massachusetts has a similar state health-care system as what is being implemented at the federal level. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican, was the architect of the system, signed it into law in 2006.

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Obama wins White House, takes Virginia again

President Barack Obama was elected to a second four-year term on Tuesday, unofficially winning 332 electoral votes and taking 50 percent of the popular vote in his race with Republican Mitt Romney and several third-party candidates.

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Projection: Obama takes Virginia

CNN is projecting that Democrat Barack Obama will win Virginia and its 13 electoral votes.

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Virginia: Obama poisted to repeat?

With 94 percent of precincts reporting in Virginia as of 11:45 p.m., Democrat Barack Obama has taken a 43,000-vote lead over Republican Mitt Romney.

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Breaking: Networks project Obama winner in presidential election

Fox News, CNN and MSNBC are all projecting Barack Obama the winner of the 2012 presidential election.

Staunton: Obama outpaces ’08 numbrs

Democrat Barack Obama leads the presidential voting in Staunton with only absentee votes still needing to be counted.

Waynesboro: Romney improves, slightly, over McCain in ’08

Republican Mitt Romney won the presidential voting in Waynesboro.

Obama, Romney hold serve in Augusta

Mitt Romney rolled to a convincing but expected victory in voting for president in Augusta County.


Waynesboro: First two precincts push slightly to Obama

Two of Waynesboro’s four voting wards are reporting as of 8:40 p.m.

8:30 p.m. Update: Romney, Allen lead in Va., key Dem precincts in NoVa, Hampton Roads still out

As of the 8:30 p.m. update from the Virginia State Board of Elections, Republican Mitt Romney had a 136,000-vote lead over Democrat Barack Obama in Virginia.

Sports and politics on ‘The Chris Graham Show’

The Tuesday installment of “The Chris Graham Show” usually covers sports, but with Election Day here, AFP editor Chris Graham and WREL-1450AM’s Jim Bresnahan opened this week’s segment with a look at the 2012 elections.

Chris Graham: Obama, Kaine, Goodlatte

More than a year of buildup to what had seemed to be an inevitable Barack Obama re-election was washed away in 90 minutes in Denver on Oct. 3. If not for that one night of lethargy from the president, we’d never have come across the term “Ro-mentum,” likely not had to endure 90 minutes of guffaws from Joe Biden a few nights later – and few would have cared that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie decided to focus on his job instead of presidential politiics at the worst of Hurricane Sandy.

Pew: Obama with three-point lead

The final Pew Research Center poll of the 2012 election cycle has Democrat Barack Obama surging ahead of Republican Mitt Romney heading into Election Day.

Sabato: Obama will win

University of Virginia Center for Politics founder Larry Sabato has made his final call in the 2012 presidential election: Barack Obama.

PPP: Obama leads in Virginia, Ohio, even in N.C., Florida

The final Public Policy Polling survey of Virginia voters in the 2012 election cycle has Democrat Barack Obama leading Republican Mitt Romney by a four-point margin on Election Eve.

Poll: Obama continues to lead in Virginia

A new Public Policy Polling survey of Virginia voters has Democrat Barack Obama holding on to a three-point lead over Republican Mitt Romney heading into the 2012 campaign’s final days.

Back in play? New poll has presidential race in North Carolina all even

A new Public Policy Polling survey has President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tied in North Carolina. The PPP poll has both candidates at 49 percent. Romney has been favored to put the Tar Heel State back into the Republican column for much of the 2012 cycle. Obama, a Democrat, won the state in 2008.

Report: Romney budget would cut Virginia Medicaid spending $52.2B

A new Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of the House Budget Plan that was passed in 2012 that closely resembles Romney’s endorsed plan found that repealing the Affordable Care Act and converting Medicaid into a dangerous block grant would cut Virginia’s Medicaid spending by $52.2 billion between 2013 and 2022 – a whopping 22 percent of the current Medicaid spending.

Poll: Obama opens up five-point lead in Virginia

A new Public Policy Polling survey of Virginia voters has the Old Dominion leaning toward re-electing President Barack Obama. The PPP poll had Obama, a Democrat, leading Republican nominee Mitt Romney by a 51 percent-46 percent margin. Obama had led Romney in Virginia by a 49 percent-47 percent gap in a PPP poll taken last weekend.

Analysis: Two out of three … enough?

Post-debate polls gave Barack Obama a win in the rubber match of the three-debate series with Mitt Romney, but as with his win in Round 2, it was far from the kind of blowout win that Romney had in Round 1 back on Oct. 3.

Chris Graham: If I were president

If I were president, and I was heading into the final debate of the 2012 cycle, which ostensibly focuses on foreign policy … here’s what I’d do: sound Republican.

Analysis: Who won Round 2?

The short answer is, That’s easy. Barack Obama, if only in the line of thinking of film director Woody Allen’s observation that 80 percent of success is showing up.

Chris Graham: The presidential race is over (again!)

As recently as a week ago, the presidential race was over. Barack Obama had only a 3.1-point lead in the RealClearPolitics poll average, but the writing was on the wall for Mitt Romney. The 47 percent video, his stumble on comments on the attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya, rumors of discord at the top levels of his campaign, all came together to present a clear picture.

David Reynolds: Romney’s Lexington Campaign

The campaign was short. About two hours on a chilled fall morning with the fog rolling in – along with a small army of VIPs and the press. The army was not led by a Civil War general named Hunter, for the barracks across the Virginia Military Institute’s Parade Grounds were left intact. It was led by a very civil civilian who is advocating for more generals, strange as that may sound. His reasoning: “The only way human beings can win a war is to prevent it.” Those words came from VMI alum, General George C. Marshall. (Disclosure: All outside speakers at VMI must refer to Gen. Marshall.)

Romney on foreign policy: ‘Hope is not a strategy’

Mitt Romney looks at the world today and sees it as a more dangerous place than it was four years ago. That was the theme of a foreign-policy speech delivered by the Republican presidential nominee at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington on Monday.

Poll: Virginia voters say Romney won debate, but still trails Obama

Barack Obama continues to lead Mitt Romney among Virginia voters, despite the strong impression among voters in the Old Dominion that Romney won last week’s presidential debate.

Chris Graham: Who won the debate?

There was the actual debate, and then there was the debate about the debate. The winner of the debate about the debate was no contest. The commentariat made it clear across the spectrum that the feeling is that Mitt Romney won the first of three presidential debates in the 2012 cycle.

NBC/Wall Street Journal poll: Obama up 2, Kaine 5 in Virginia

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist College poll of Virginia voters has Democrat Barack Obama leading Republican Mitt Romney by a two-point margin in the presidential race, and has Democrat Tim Kaine ahead of Republican George Allen by five points in the U.S. Senate race.

Chris Graham: How will Romney/Ryan Augusta event play out?

It would seem at first glance that the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan event scheduled for Thursday at Augusta Expoland in Fishersville would be so much overkill given the recent voting history in Greater Augusta. Barack Obama, en route to winning Virginia in the 2008 presidential election, was roundly trounced in Greater Augusta (Augusta County and the cities of Staunton and Waynesboro) by Republican nominee John McCain. McCain won the region with 62 percent of the vote, with Obama trailing far behind with 37 percent.

Romney, Ryan rally at Augusta Expo

The Republican presidential ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will attend a campaign rally at Augusta Expoland in Fishersville on Thursday. Romney and Ryan will be joined by country-music artist Trace Adkins at the rally, which begins at 6:45 p.m. Doors open at 4 p.m. for the event.

Suffolk poll shows closer race in Virginia

President Barack Obama (46 percent) clings to a 2-point lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney (44 percent), in a swing-state nail-biter, according to a Suffolk University/NBC12 (WWBT-Richmond) poll of likely general-election voters in Virginia. Seven percent were undecided.

Chris Graham: Romney is right … it’s not the media’s fault

Here’s where credit needs to be given to Mitt Romney and his brain trust. And seriously, they’ll take what they can get however they get it right now, considering how badly things have been going of late. “I think we have a system of free press. People are able to provide their own perspective based upon their own beliefs. I think there are some people who are more in my camp, there’s a lot of people who are more in his camp, and I don’t worry about that.” That was how the GOP presidential nominee answered Jan Crawford of CBS News when asked if he thought the “mainstream media” was “in the tank” for the president.

AG: Goode will remain on Viriginia presidential ballot

There were irregularities in the ballot petitions submitted by Constitution Party presidential candidate Virgil Goode in his effort to get on the presidential ballot in Virginia, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said Friday. But the irregularities were not enough in the AG’s mind to prevent Goode from being certified for ballot access in the November election.

Chris Graham: 47-Percent-Gate

Mitt Romney’s clumsy comments writing off 47 percent of the American public as being self-victimized, tax-dodging sucklings reminded me of a town-hall meeting that I covered in Staunton a few years back.

Post poll: Obama has eight-point lead in Virginia

Another day, another bit of momentum for President Barack Obama in the crucial battleground state of Virginia. A new Washington Post poll of Virginia voters released on Tuesday gives Obama an eight-point lead over Republican Mitt Romney. Obama, a Democrat, was at 52 percent in the poll, with Romney at 44 percent.

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Poll: Obama has five-point lead in Virginia

Democrat Barack Obama holds a five-point lead over Republican Mitt Romney in Virginia, according to a poll released by Public Policy Polling late Sunday.

Ryan makes brief stop in Valley

Local Republicans have been working on gettting a member of the Republican national ticket for four years. When then-candidate Barack Obama came to Harrisonburg in October 2008, Suzanne Obenshain vowed to bring a Republican to the area for the 2012 election. She made calls to anyone who would listen, and worked with the Republican Party of Virginia. In the spring, local Republicans contacted the Mitt Romney campaign to make sure that someone on the ticket would come to the Valley. The hard work paid off Friday when Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan spoke at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds.

Poll: Obama up five in Virginia, Senate race still tied

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist College poll of Virginia voters gives Democrat Barack Obama a five-point lead over Republican Mitt Romney in the presidential race, and has former governors Tim Kaine and George Allen tied in the U.S. Senate race.

Chris Graham: Tone deaf

Mitt Romney needs to get back into Bain mode. Fire everybody, maybe including himself, and start over. This time, it’s the campaign that is underperforming, most recently – and likely most decisively – in the tone-deaf response to the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Poll: Romney, Allen lead in Virginia races

A poll from Gravis Marketing and Capitol Correspondent released on Tuesday gives Republican Mitt Romney a five-point lead over Democrat Barack Obama in the Virginia presidential race, and also gives GOP Senate candidate George Allen a five-point lead over Democrat Tim Kaine.

Poll: Obama with narrow lead in NC

A new Public Policy Polling poll of North Carolina voters gives Democrat Barack Obama the narrowest of leads over Mitt Romney in the presidential race in the Tar Heel State.

Warren Isleib: Who are the Romneys?

Who cares about Mitt and Ann Romney’s tax returns? They have lots of money, big deal. They use tax shelters and loopholes to keep as much of their money as possible; again no surprise. The public does not care much. Democrats will show the inequality in taxation rates; already know it, so what. Why not […]

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Internal polling has Hurt up 18 in Fifth

The Robert Hurt campaign released internal polling showing Democratic challenger John Douglass trailing the Fifth District Republican incumbent by a 55 percent-37 percent margin

Poll: Jobs, economy top voters’ concerns

Public Notice released on Sunday the results of a national survey of likely voters. Jobs and the economy, along with federal spending and debt, topped the list of voter concerns

Survey: Millionaires prefer Romney

Why is Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign raising more money than Barack Obama’s? It may come down to who the millionaires want to see as the next President of the United States