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Mitt Romney proceeds to fulfill the definition of insanity


romneyBy Tricia Erickson

Albert Einstein defined the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over again, expecting different results.

While a major percentage of Americans, including me, lament that Obama is our President, will we fulfill the definition of insanity by propping up Mitt Romney, yet again, to lose another election? Or will we learn from our Karl Rove mistakes and place a solid and sane leader into The Office Of The Presidency in 2016?

On Friday, Mitt Romney finally told the truth about his interest in a third presidential run to a room full of Republican donors, as if he hadn’t planned for this all along.

While Romney has denied over the past years that he would run for President again, his actions have shown differently.  One of Mitt’s strategies to win 2012 was to spend time and money to prop up GOP candidates to win elections all over the US. By donating to the GOP candidates, he would in return expect them to support him in his run for the White House. Well, true to Mitt Romney form, he has been using this same tactic, yet again, to gain “payback” if and / or when he runs for the Presidency a second time. He keeps the right hand working while his left hand stealthily labors behind the scenes. And remember that while Mitt was saying he would not run again, his wife, Ann, did not….until she will again. If Mitt runs again, he will most likely say that his wife, Ann, and children and grandchildren urged him to run again. And who could turn that picture perfect family down?

Meanwhile, establishment Godfather Karl Rove is licking his chops to place another liberal-Romney or common-core-amnesty-Bush into the office of the Presidency. And in true form, Karl Rove will be promoting the two-for-one blue light special.

There’s a breach in the Republican establishment Party that has divided Republicanesqe’ citizens over the last 10 years. The true conservatives recognize the similarities between establishment Republicans and liberal voters. Case-in-point, Republicans literally paid Democrats in Mississippi to vote for the Republican establishment candidate Thad Cochran. And what better example of Mitt Romney style politics than to pay for votes as referenced above by giving money to establishment Republican’s candidacies for their support in return? You connect the dots.

And remember Mitt Romney’s ties to ownership of Clear Channel through Bain Capital? What could possibly go wrong with another Romney run?


The grass roots citizens are fed up with America and are yearning for true representation…not “political” representation. Because of Obama’s actions against the constitution and the fiber of our nation, the citizens have had to get involved to save their country, and are now more involved in the process. I can’t even imagine that the grass roots are going to agree to trade one liberal establishment candidate for one of two others. I believe that there is a movement afoot that will cry out to the mountain tops for authentic constitutional and “sane” representation. Putting Bush aside, Mitt Romney is surely not that savior. And I mean that literally as you will see at the end of this op-ed.

Let me remind you of Mr. Romney’s actual record:

Romney’s record as Governor of Massachusetts:

  • In 2002, Romney refused to sign a no new taxes pledge while running for governor
  • Under Romney, Massachusetts was in the BOTTOM THREE OF THE NATION FOR JOB CREATION, only above post-Katrina Louisiana and Michigan
  • Massachusetts ranked third highest for population loss in a state
  • Under Romney’s governorship, the national average growth of output of goods and services was 13%. Romney’s output only grew 9%. (Reuters) According to the National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO), under Romney, spending in the Bay State rose 20.7 percent (Government bytes) Romney raised corporate taxes (Widmer, president of MA Taxpayers Foundation)
  • As Governor, Romney raised taxes and fees seven times by multi-millions of dollars to the tax payer and increased 57 fees while creating 33 new ones, earning him the nick name of “Fee Fee”
  • Romney on Tim Russert Meet the Press interview: “I’m not trying to hide from the fact that we raised fees. We raised fees $240 million”
  • Romney also, during a fiscal crisis in his state, imposed a 2 cent per-gallon gasoline fee, imposed an internet sales tax and legislated to facilitate the local governments within his state to raise business property taxes, while claiming that he would not “raise taxes”, He also raised local property taxes, created an Internet sales tax and raised business property taxes

Romney “fathered” Obamacare to America. Under Massachusetts RomneyCare:

  • By March, 2009, employer backed premiums were the highest in the nation
  • By 2009, the average expense for family coverage was over $15,000.00
  • Peter Robinson on Forbes.com reported “In the last two years alone, spending on free and subsidized plans for low-income citizens of the bay state has doubled from $630 million in 2007 to an estimated 1.3 billion this year”
  • Grace-Marie Turner, President of the Galen Institute wrote in the Wall Street Journal in March 2010 “While Massachusetts’ uninsured rate has dropped to around 3%, 68% of the newly insured since 2006 receive coverage that is heavily or completely subsidized by taxpayers. While Mr. Romney insisted that everyone should pay something for coverage that is not the way his plan has turned out. More than half of the 408,000 newly insured residents pay nothing, according to a February 2010 report by the Massachusetts Health Connector, the state’s insurance exchange”
  • The wait to see primary care physicians for new patients rose to 44 days with some doctors refusing to accept new patients and the wait time to see specialists rose to roughly 50 days. Emergency rooms visits increased due to lack of availability to expediently see doctors
  • 55,000 illegal immigrants received more than $93 million in Massachusetts Health benefits for emergency medical services in just one year
  • Caused Massachusetts to employ between 15,551 and 21,422 fewer people and slowed growth of disposable income (Thomas R. Eddlem study)
  • As Romney criticized Cruz on the government shutdown, he ignored his own fathering of government mandated healthcare to America: www.theconservativepundit.net/2013/10/as-romney-criticizes-cruz-on-the-government-shutdown-he-disregards-his-own-fathering-of-government-mandated-healthcare-to-america/

Presently, our nation is in deep financial trouble, in big part, due to Obamny Care,  and our medical system has been destroyed.


  • The Washington Times, August 2007: “As governor, Mr. Romney wielded control over a significant budget and oversaw three cities that were proud of their designation as ‘sanctuary cities:’ Cambridge, Somerville and Orleans. Yet as governor, Mr. Romney did not cut their funding.  He recommended millions of dollars in state funding of them and made no attempt to force these cities to change their policies.”
  • Americans for Border Security statement in 2007: “In 2006 Governor Romney supported the President’s immigration policy as well as the McCain-Kennedy bill”

It looks like Romney and Bush would get along quite well on the amnesty front. Could love be in the air as they are pronounced Mr. and (Mrs)Mr. President & Vice President of America?

Romney’s record on abortion:

  • Romney was “PRO CHOICE” in 1994, 2002, 2005 and 2006. He was “PRO LIFE” in 2001, 2004, 2006 and now, of course, prolife for the purposes of being elected as our next Republican President
  • On his 1994 campaign flyer, Romney lists “Retain a woman’s right to choose” as one of his foremost matters. In 1994 the Boston Globe also reported Romney’s stance on the RU-486 abortion pill, quoting Romney as saying “I would favor having it available”. During a debate in 1994, Romney stated “I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country”. He further stated “I believe that since Roe v. Wade has been the law for 20 years we should sustain and support it”
  • Romney claimed in 2005 that while he was running for governor in 2002, was “personally pro-life” yet still had a pro-life “conversion” in 2004
  • After his phony pro-life conversion based on embryonic stem cell research, Mitt stated that such research does not destroy human life, even though he believes life begins at conception and continued to support such research
  • Mitt singed in to law $50 tax funded co-pay abortions as a “healthcare benefit” under his RomneyCare
  • Gave Planned Parenthood an instrumental role on the policy board in his Massachusetts healthcare plan, after his “pro-life conversion”
  • Appointed a pro-choice judge, Matthew Nestor, to a lifetime appointment on a Massachusetts court, after his “pro-life conversion”

And don’t get me started on Romney’s ownership and oversite of the abortifacient disposal company, Stericycle: www.renewamerica.com/article/120822www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/07/romney-bain-abortion-stericycle-sec, & www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/02/mitt-romney-stericycle-controversy_n_1642468.html

Judicial appointments:

  • Mitt appointed a pro-choice judge to a lifetime appointment on a MA court AFTER his “pro-life conversion”
  • Romney gave Planned Parenthood a instrumental role on the policy board in his Massachusetts healthcare plan after his “pro-life conversion”
  • Mitt awarded a MA district court judgeship to Stephen Albany part of the MA Lesbian & Gay Bar Association & activist to repeal sodomy laws
  • According to the Boston Globe: Romney passed over GOP lawyers for three quarters of the 36 judicial vacancies he faced as governor, instead, tapping registered Democrats or independents, including two gay lawyers who supported same sex rights

Sway in the political wind much Mitt?

Gay Marriage:

  • Mitt Romney was the “Father of Gay Marriage to America”
  • Romney in 1994: Romney’s letter to Log Cabin Republicans: “As we seek to establish full equality for America’s gay and lesbian citizens, I will provide more effective leadership than my opponent”
  • 1994: Romney informed the Log Cabin Club that he favors ENDA
  • Bay Windows: “Do you support the Protection of Marriage Amendment?”, Romney: “No, because it would outlaw domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples”. Mitt simply “paid back” the Log Cabin Republicans for their instrumental role in getting him elected to the governorship, by purposely looking the other way so that gay marriage could be forced on to Massachusetts, and ultimately the United States of America.
  • Romney increased funding for the homosexual indoctrination of children in Massachusetts schools
  • Romney’s policies caused Catholic adoptions centers to close down, rather than to turn innocent children over to gay couples.

Romney also wins the award of “Father Of Gay Marriage To America”

Romney’s liberal record:

  • Romney did not support the Bush Tax Cuts“
  • “Almost five years after he refused to sign a ‘no new taxes’ pledge during his campaign for governor, Mitt Romney announced yesterday that he had done just that, as his campaign for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination began in earnest.” (Boston Globe, January 2007)


  • Romney to Reuters’ James Pethokoukis in March 2009: “The TARP program, while not transparent and not having been used as wisely as it should have been, was nevertheless necessary to keep banks from collapsing in a cascade of failures”


  • Romney in 1994: on his support of the Brady Bill and an assault weapons ban: “That’s not going to make me the hero of the NRA”. Also at a campaign stop “I don’t line up with the NRA”

Serving his country?

  • During the Viet Nam War, it was known throughout the Mormon Church that if they sent their son’s on a Mormon Mission that  they could avoid the draft. Mitt received 3 draft deferments from the Viet Nam War to serve as a Mormon Missionary to draw people to the Mormon cult, nothing more, nothing patriotic. He did NOT serve his country!


  • Why hasn’t Mitt renounced the HORRIFIC RACISM AGAINST BLACKS & Native Americans in his Mormon “faith” and historical doctrine?


  • Romney siphoned an estimated $1.5 billion out of the U.S. Treasury, all in the name of the Olympics. This was more than all US Olympic games together
  • Romney reaped more than $1.5 million in campaign funds during his governorship from individuals and families with ties to the Olympics
  • Sydney Fonnesbeck, Salt Lake City Council stated:  “He (Romney) just came in and gathered the money that was already (pledged)…He didn’t want to give anyone else any credit”

Mitt Romney relies on the backlash against Barack Obama’s radical policies to propel him into the presidency. Ever the image master, like Obama, he is positioning himself as the white horse, the savior of the country. He is counting on the American electorate to ignore his record, flip flops and insatiable quest for the presidency that began with his father. Where Obama’s brand was hope and change and the anti-Bush, Romney’s is Mr. Fix-it and the anti-Obama. The only question is, will we be fooled again?

And let me remind you that Mitt Romney truly, unequivocally believes that he will become a Mormon God, equal to Jesus Christ, and live on his own planet, there which he will call his wife, Ann, on to in order to populate with spirit babies. And these babies, at some point will pop down into our babies bodies to gain a body of “flesh and bone” in order to walk out their own Mormon progression to Godhood. I know this sounds crazy…because it is! But this is absolutely true (Look it up!), and only the tip of the iceberg of his insane beliefs.

So Mitt Romney running AGAIN for the Office Of The Presidency of the United States of America, literally fulfills the definition of insanity.


Tricia Erickson was the first Damage Control and Crisis Management Expert in the country, as stated by Barbara Walters on the show, “20/20”. Tricia is also a political consultant and frequent on-air contributor who has opined on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News Channel, most major TV networks plus hundreds of radio shows. Some of the issues she has been called to speak to are the dangers of radical Islam, gay marriage, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, the well-masked cult of Mormonism (she’s a recognized expert on Mormonism), media bias, all things political, the imaging-posturing-positioning of Presidential Candidates, all things regarding Hollywood, ethics in the media, the culture wars and more. She is the President ofCrisis Management Incorporated and also the President of Angel Pictures & Publicity. Tricia is also a casting director and has worked on many blockbuster films. She is also the purveyor of the well trafficked site,TheConservativePundit.net. Ms. Erickson is the author of the controversial book, Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?



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