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Chris Graham: The Top Five Presidential “Gaffes” That Groupon Passed On


312_stopthepressesA Groupon Presidents’ Day press release touting a special taking $10 off all $40 local deals purchased through Groupon in honor of President Alexander Hamilton may have been an intentional gaffe aimed at creating a viral buzz.

See, because as some of us know, anyway, Alexander Hamilton, who according to the Groupon press release was “undeniably one of our greatest presidents,” never was president. He was Secretary of the Treasury, then died after a famous 1804 gun duel with Vice President Aaron Burr.

So anyway, let’s write this one off as an attempt to go viral, if only because now we’re writing about this Groupon “gaffe,” too.

Doesn’t it make you wonder what other “gaffes” Groupon had considered before going with President Alexander Hamilton?

– In honor of President George Jefferson, $2 off all $20 local cleaning deals redeemed in honor of the one-time dry cleaner, whose campaign slogan, “Movin’ on Up,” captured the imagination of thousands.

– In honor of President Jefferson Davis, $5 off $20 deals on freshly picked cotton bales*. (*Redeemed in Confederate money.)

– In honor of President Thomas Dewey, 25 cents off deals on the Chicago Tribune, undeniably one of the greatest newspapers in terms of being able to predict the outcome of a presidential election in history.

– In honor of President Al Gore, an inconveniently true $1 off deals on space heaters during this, the coldest winter that anybody east of the Mississippi under the age of 50 can remember*. (*Valid only in Florida.)

– In honor of President Mitt Romney, $47 off on deals on new drapes*. (*Double coupon for drapes fitted for the Oval Office.)



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