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Poll: Obama has five-point lead in Virginia

Democrat Barack Obama holds a five-point lead over Republican Mitt Romney in Virginia, according to a poll released by Public Policy Polling late Sunday.

Ryan makes brief stop in Valley

Local Republicans have been working on gettting a member of the Republican national ticket for four years. When then-candidate Barack Obama came to Harrisonburg in October 2008, Suzanne Obenshain vowed to bring a Republican to the area for the 2012 election. She made calls to anyone who would listen, and worked with the Republican Party of Virginia. In the spring, local Republicans contacted the Mitt Romney campaign to make sure that someone on the ticket would come to the Valley. The hard work paid off Friday when Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan spoke at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds.


Poll: Obama up five in Virginia, Senate race still tied

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist College poll of Virginia voters gives Democrat Barack Obama a five-point lead over Republican Mitt Romney in the presidential race, and has former governors Tim Kaine and George Allen tied in the U.S. Senate race.

Chris Graham: Tone deaf

Mitt Romney needs to get back into Bain mode. Fire everybody, maybe including himself, and start over. This time, it’s the campaign that is underperforming, most recently – and likely most decisively – in the tone-deaf response to the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

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Poll: Romney, Allen lead in Virginia races

A poll from Gravis Marketing and Capitol Correspondent released on Tuesday gives Republican Mitt Romney a five-point lead over Democrat Barack Obama in the Virginia presidential race, and also gives GOP Senate candidate George Allen a five-point lead over Democrat Tim Kaine.


Poll: Obama with narrow lead in NC

A new Public Policy Polling poll of North Carolina voters gives Democrat Barack Obama the narrowest of leads over Mitt Romney in the presidential race in the Tar Heel State.

Warren Isleib: Who are the Romneys?

Who cares about Mitt and Ann Romney’s tax returns? They have lots of money, big deal. They use tax shelters and loopholes to keep as much of their money as possible; again no surprise. The public does not care much. Democrats will show the inequality in taxation rates; already know it, so what. Why not […]

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Internal polling has Hurt up 18 in Fifth

The Robert Hurt campaign released internal polling showing Democratic challenger John Douglass trailing the Fifth District Republican incumbent by a 55 percent-37 percent margin

Poll: Jobs, economy top voters’ concerns

Public Notice released on Sunday the results of a national survey of likely voters. Jobs and the economy, along with federal spending and debt, topped the list of voter concerns

Survey: Millionaires prefer Romney

Why is Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign raising more money than Barack Obama’s? It may come down to who the millionaires want to see as the next President of the United States

PPP: Obama leads in Virginia

Barack Obama maintains a small but healthy lead over Mitt Romney among Virginia voters, according to a new poll from Public Policy Polling

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Suffolk: Non-voters would push Obama to big win

Nearly 40 percent of adult U.S. citizens will stay away from the polls this coming November, but if these Americans were to vote, President Barack Obama would coast to a second term in office, according to a Suffolk University-USA TODAY poll

Can Gary Johnson hurt Mitt Romney at polls in Virginia?

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is polling at 5.3 percent nationwide. Johnson’s poll numbers could be a critical factor in battleground states like Virginia in November

Chris Graham: Breaking down the Paul Ryan VP pick

John McCain went with Sarah Palin as his game changer in 2008. Does Paul Ryan change the game for Mitt Romney in 2012? Maybe, maybe not


Group urges convention delegates to ‘Dump Romney’

A social-conservative group is using Mitt Romney’s Mormon beliefs and his record as Massachusetts governor to urge GOP convention delegates to “Dump Romney”


Chris Graham: Undecided Voter Guide

One in 10 Virginia voters is undecided about who they will vote for in November. Given the clear choices between the visions offered by the candidates, it’s hard to figure out how. Maybe we need to come up with an Undecided Voter Guide to help them along


Quinnipiac: Obama leads in Virginia

A new Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS News Swing State Poll released Wednesday has Democrat Barack Obama in the lead in Virginia

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Chris Graham: Romney’s Catch-22

Mitt Romney is in a classic Catch-22 position right now. If he answers Harry Reid’s charge that he hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years by releasing his returns, he runs the risk of showing items on the returns that he doesn’t want the public to see. If he doesn’t release the returns, he appears to be conceding Reid’s point

Elder: Obama plan will grow economy by keeping taxes low

Staunton City Councilman and Downtown Staunton business owner Bruce Elder raised issue on Monday with Mitt Romney’s fuzzy tax math

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Chris Graham: The Sarah Palin ‘mistake’

The right-wing echosphere is howling once again. Another lefty critic has come down hard on Sarah Palin

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Chris Graham: Obama ad reinforcing GOP message?

Watching TV last night, I finally saw the ad that the Barack Obama campaign has been running to counter the “you didn’t build that” furor in the conservative echosphere

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Chris Graham: Painting the Valley blue

Local Democrats were quite active on the political scene four years ago, and their hard work paid off

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Chris Graham: Bain of Romney’s existence

Is the Barack Obama campaign’s full-court press on Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital and his tax returns fair and balanced? Plenty of ink and cyberspace have been devoted in recent days to answering that question. What about the impact of the line of attack on the 2012 campaign?

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Chris Graham: History repeating itself

The president is getting strong backing from his party. His election opponent is mainly getting the support of people who don’t like the president. The challenger is a Massachusetts liberal with a record of flip-flopping on key issues. Is it 2012 … or 2004

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Poll: Obama up eight in Virginia, up one in N.C.

Two states key to Barack Obama’s 2008 election victory might be in play in 2012

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Poll: Romney leads Obama in NC

Virginia’s border state to the south is as much a White House battleground, maybe more. Public Policy Polling released a new poll Tuesday showing Republican Mitt Romney with a narrow 48 percent-46 percent lead over Democrat Barack Obama among North Carolina voters


Marist Poll: Obama, Romney locked in tight race in Va.

A new Marist Poll out Thursday has Democrat Barack Obama with a four-point lead over Republican Mitt Romney among Virginia voters

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Politcs Notebook: On the campaign trail

News and notes from the presidential race and the Virginia Senate race

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Politics Notebook: On the campaign trail

Tim Kaine talks Senate budget votes, and we look at the latest polling in New Hampshire and North Carolina

Goode: Romney ‘father of homosexual marriages’

Former Fifth District Congressman Virgil Goode blasted presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney as “the father of homosexual marriages”

Campaign Trail: Obama campaign serenades Gingrich on his way out

The Obama-Biden campaign is poking at Newt Gingrich as the former House Speaker makes his way out of the Republican Party presidential race. A new campaign web video points out the sometimes-venomous back-and-forth between Gingrich and Romney as Gingrich appears ready to throw his support to Romney for the fall election.

Poll: Obama up big in Virginia

A new Public Policy Polling survey of Virginia voters has Democrat Barack Obama with an eight-point lead over likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The Obama lead over Romney was at 51 percent-to-43 percent in the PPP survey. Public Policy Polling has had Obama leading Virginia by similar margins for much of the past year.

Poll: Romney gaining with GOP nomination sewn up

Mitt Romney has gained four points on Barack Obama in the latest Public Policy Polling survey of voters, indicating movement among Republicans now that the former Massachusetts governor has all but sewn up the GOP presidential nomination. Romney now trails Obama by a 49 percent-46 percent margin after trailing 49 percent-42 percent a month ago. […]

Chris Graham: Not all that enthusiastic about Obama

And it’s not that hard for me to admit, actually. And no, I won’t be voting for Mitt Romney, or a third-party candidate, or sitting out the election altogether. But still, I wish I could vote for another candidate for president this November. My first choice would be Mark Warner, a close second Hillary Clinton, […]

Suffolk U.: Obama leads Romney by double digits

President Barack Obama (47 percent) leads Republican Mitt Romney (37 percent) in a national general election match-up, with 7 percent saying they would vote for a third-party candidate and 7 percent undecided, according to a Suffolk University survey of likely general election voters of all parties. Obama led all GOP candidates: Romney by 10 points, […]

Poll: Santorum headed toward big win in Louisiana

Rick Santorum appears to be headed toward building on recent victories in the Deep South with another strong showing in the Louisiana Republican presidential primary. Public Policy Polling has Santorum at 42 percent in Louisiana, with national frontrunner Mitt Romney at 28 percent, Newt Gingrich at 18 percent and Ron Paul in fourth at 8 […]

PPP: Romney headed for big win in Illinois

Mitt Romney has a commanding lead in the final polls in Illinois heading into Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary. Public Policy Polling has Romney at 45 percent, Rick Santorum at 30 percent and Newt Gingrich a distant third at 12 percent. Looking inside the numbers, the strength for the former Massachusetts governor is among voters in […]

Chris Graham: McDonnell’s political obit

How would you like to be Bob McDonnell right about now? It wasn’t that long ago when the pundits had you pegged as the GOP vice-presidential nominee, and that was before you formally endorsed Mitt Romney, right before the critical South Carolina primary. The endorsement of a Southern Republican governor before a key Southern primary […]

Poll: Primaries too close to call

Polling done by Public Policy Polling has today’s Republican Party presidential primaries in Mississippi and Alabama too close to call. The PPP surveys have Newt Gingrich with a 33 percent-to-31 percent lead over Mitt Romney in Mississippi with Rick Santorum a close third at 27 percent. Romney has a slight lead in an even tighter […]

Chris Saxman: Cold Fusion-Free Bourbon Edition

Cold Fusion’s purpose, from its conception, was to provide readers with thought provoking views and/or ideas to advance the cause of human freedom and liberty. Unable to keep up with the times, I must submit to the reality that I was playing the wrong game. I assumed that the everyone had a mutual goal that […]

Scott Klinger: Corporations pay less in taxes than Buffett and Romney

Corporations pay a lower effective tax rate than Warren Buffett and Mitt Romney, but you wouldn’t know it from all the complaints that our corporate tax rate puts our country at a competitive disadvantage. Last year, U.S. corporations paid just 12.1 percent of their earnings in federal corporate income taxes. Buffett’s tax rate is 17.4 […]

David Reynolds: Only in Virginia

On Tuesday when my wife and I went to the polls to vote we found out that the privilege to freely vote for the candidate of our choice has been completely taken away. Yes, again, this is politics as played in Virginia – and other lands where government restricts your choices. I am not referring […]

Chris Saxman: Cold Fusion-The Hills Are Alive Edition

America is poised to enter a very new stage of her history – she is about to choose, for the first time, between candidates for president from both major political parties who call the suburbs their home. No more will Americans be choosing between candidates who grew up poor on the hardscrabble streets of Crossroads, […]

Suffolk U. Ohio poll shows Santorum edging Romney

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum (37 percent) leads former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (33 percent) by a narrow margin, according to a Suffolk University poll of likely Republican Primary voters in Ohio. Newt Gingrich (16 percent) was a distant third, and Ron Paul struggled (8 percent) in single digits with 6 percent undecided.  The race […]

Chris Graham: Is McDonnell’s point moot?

Republican voters continue to toy with the idea of nominating a social conservative to run for president this fall. The GOP establishment, meanwhile, is trying to position itself to be able to take advantage of the only thing that may be working in their favor. “I am extremely concerned by recent reports that oil and […]