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Press Conference: Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer


virginia tech frank beamerVirginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer talks with reporters on Monday. The Hokies (3-3, 1-1 ACC) travel to Miami (3-2, 0-1 ACC) on Saturday.

OPENING STATEMENT: I think anytime you talk about Miami, you’re talking about good players, good coaching, we know first-hand last year they came in here and kicked us like we don’t get kicked very much. They ran 53 times, 364 yards rushing. They didn’t throw it very much; they didn’t need to. No question about the potential and they played a good football team, it was two good teams on the field this past weekend. A lot of great athletes on the field. We’ve played them enough times we know about them and respect them. We better get ready to play a great football game, not just a good football game but a great football game.

Q. On being impressed with how QB Brenden Motley has played
COACH BEAMER: I think [Brenden Motley] done a tremendous job. I’ve always thought Brenden was smart, controlled, very much in control, can control the offense and the players, the offensive guys feed off of that. I think he certainly gives you a different element. His throwing is accurate and I think it’s getting more accurate all the time. He certainly gives you an element to run the football and can pick up some valuable first downs. When you go back there to throw it and all your receivers are covered, it’s not a bad option for us right now. I think he’s done a fantastic job.

Q. On whether he’ll talk to the team about last year’s loss against Miami
COACH BEAMER: I talk about what’s reality and the reality of it all is they came in here and kicked our tail. They ran the ball, I mean just beat us soundly, badly, all the above.

Q. On having QB Michael Brewer back at practice last week and his return timetable
COACH BEAMER: I think Michael [Brewer]’s good regardless of what his role in the game is. Just being around kids, his attitude, his positive way. He just has a good way and I like him. Of course, he’s a senior and our quarterback. We don’t dress out injured guys but we did in this case. I think he’s good to have around. That’s the medical people and we’ll get that decision, whatever that is, and take us to the next decision

Q. On WR Isaiah Ford’s improvement
COACH BEAMER: I think [Isaiah Ford] has a better feel for the position. I think he’s got a good feel for changing speeds on a route. For a receiver, I think that’s fantastic. You don’t always go at the same speed. If you can make them think it’s a takeoff, it makes the deep comeback a good route. He changes his speed. He’s a smart guy, he works hard, had three touchdown passes but graded out like 90 percent in the run game which means he’s out there in the run game for other guys and I like that. Our receivers our working hard at that. When they work hard at the running game, that’s when I think we’ve got a complete offense from a running standpoint, a throwing standpoint. You’ve got your running backs and they’re good in protections but so are your wide receivers.

Q. On the different skill sets of QB Michael Brewer and Brenden Motley
COACH BEAMER: Michael [Brewer] has had a lot of experience. Has thrown the ball really well. He can run, has run for some big yardage. Brenden I think has become a better thrower all the time and he’s a little more of an explosive runner. A big guy, 6’4, it helps you in the running game. We’ve got two quarterbacks that can win a football game for us and that’s the bottom line. That’s good for Virginia Tech.

Q. On Miami’s QB Brad Kaaya
COACH BEAMER: [Brad Kaaya]’s for real. He came from California, didn’t he? He came a long way to throw the ball in Miami but he can throw it. You can tell he’s very much in charge too and got some excellent, explosive receivers to throw it to. The running backs, they throw it to them quite a bit. They beat Nebraska, had some good wins. Had a couple tough losses but they’re for real, their talents are real. They coach them up. I’ve got really great respect for Al Golden and I think he does a tremendous job. They’re a tough team to beat.

Q. On whether the win vs. NC State when was a turning point in the season
COACH BEAMER: Our backs were to the wall and our coaches and players I thought did a tremendous job. Sometimes I think coaches get lost in that but I tell them that’s when they coach their best. That’s when coaching makes a difference. Anyone can coach when things are smooth, and silky smooth and going well. That’s when you find out who the good coaches are when it’s a little rough and people are doubting you and not many good things are being said about you and that’s when you find out your good coaches. I thought we had a good coaching staff last week for sure and I think the way it came about is something to build on. From a defensive standpoint, we’ve got some young guys. Those young freshmen secondary guys, they got a bit battered last week, they played a little better in the run support and that helped. Then I think offensively, we got some weapons that showed up last week. If we just take it and build on it, we’ve got the makings of a really good football team.



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