newsoutline of writing skills you need to have to write quality assignment

Outline of writing skills you need to have to write quality assignment


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Academic life involves writing assignments in plenty. Any scholar should therefore possess the skills required to do evaluate information and come up with great assignment writing. Otherwise, you will end up getting low scores hence poor grades.

Have good writing skills not only helps you in writing tasks for better grades, but also enables you to fulfill your creative potential, improve thinking logically, and put information in an orderly manner.

Below is a guide outlining the skills any student writing papers should have and how they will benefit you in coming up with impressive assignments. They will help you to easily handle the details involved in the writing process. With this guide, you will be able to express yourself easily and get good grades in your studies.

Composing an Academic Writing

Good Structure

For you to relay information effectively in your writing, you need to have a clear structure. You don’t want to get your readers confused about where to start and where to end. They will lose interest in your writing.

If you are submitting the writing to a professor and then it doesn’t have any logical order, chances are they won’t look at it. You will not get poor grades but you will get a rejection. Therefore follow a style and structure that will get your readers to be eager to go through your writing.

Develop Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you don’t have a plan before starting to write your assignment, you will not finish writing your assignment. There are high chances you will reach a point and go blank without knowing what to write next.

Even if you finish it, you will leave out important details along the way. Creating a plan can help you to avoid all this. It will help you know how everything is supposed to flow. Your paper will be comprehensively written without including unnecessary info or leaving out the important one.

Choosing a Topic

If the topic of the assignment is not specified, you need to start by choosing one carefully. You need to know that there are different points of view to writing an assignment depending on the subject. Also, choose a topic that you are interested in. This will make writing the paper fun.

Choose Sources

Choose quality sources to use in your writing. Date of publication, author qualifications are some of the elements you can consider to measure the quality and credibility of the sources.

Actual Writing

Start your writing by describing the subject at hand. Outline the key words you want to use in your writing. Write your analysis and opinion on the topic you are discussing. At the end of the writing, give a conclusion where you will be summarizing your opinion and analysis.

Skills You Need to Have

Avoid Biases

Relay your thoughts and ideas on the topic at hand without favoring any side. Be neutral by laying out both strengths and weaknesses of the topic you in discussion.

Writing Format

Use a formatting style that is acceptable to your audience. You should therefore familiarize yourself with various format styles. MLA and APA are the most commonly used format styles.

Draw the Attention of Readers

Don’t make your writing boring to your readers. Grab your attention from the word go. Make them look forward to reading the next sentence or page of your writing.


Reference your sources well. Cite the quotes and other sources you have used in your writing. This will avoid your work being taken as plagiarized.


Make your writing credible. Use proven sources to write your assignment. Remember the main reason for conducting a research is to educate. If your assignment doesn’t have relevant and truthful info, it won’t be of help to anybody.


After you are done, go through your work before submitting. Check for any mistakes you may have made during the writing. Even very small mistakes can make you lose marks or get your paper rejected even if you have a good idea.

Developing Skills for Writing a Good Assignment

If you want to do the following:

Read a lot of academic paper samples

Read a lot of sample academic papers related to the topic you want to write about. This will make be conversant with how you are supposed to go about it.

Know All the Rules

For you to be good at writing academic papers, you need to know all the rules first. This will make you avoid making mistakes.


Writing assignments doesn’t happen in one day. You need to practice to be better at doing it. This will increase your vocabulary, the speed of writing, knowledge about various topics, and find the right approach that suits you.


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