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Oh, yeah, good idea: Johnny Football to counsel Famous Jameis?


manzielThis makes total sense: Johnny Manziel, who will soon be missing college as much as Matt Leinart and Brian Bosworth, is planning to contact fellow basket-case wunderkind Jameis Winston, the idea being that in so doing one Heisman Trophy winner can help another avoid, I don’t know, what could either of these guys not get in stupid trouble for doing now?

“Jameis is a guy I’ve had a good relationship with and want to help him in as many ways as I can,” said Manziel, who to his credit can’t count any actual criminal investigations against his record, though when it comes to acts of immature stupidity, oh, yeah.

For whatever reason, the thing that has stuck with Winston isn’t the ongoing issue with an alleged sexual assault from a couple of years ago or the crab-legs incident from this past spring, but the recent incident in which he very publicly repeated an Internet meme that is such nonsense that it doesn’t bear repeating.

(OK, it rhymes with duck, sir, night in the sussy. Does that help?)

Winston might want to take the advice that is to come from Manziel with a grain of salt. As he mused publicly on what he’d have to offer, well, this is pure gold.

“I knew very well going into the draft last year it was going to be different for me and going to be time to grow up — that’s the path I chose. If I wanted to stay in college and sleep in and go to class and horse around like I did the past couple of years, then I should have stayed.”

Let us pray that ESPN is able to finagle a camera into that Heisman-to-Heisman counseling session.

– Column by Chris Graham



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